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Packoorang eco-friendly, reusable packaging for e-commerce

Packoorang enables companies that send parcels to switch from single-use to reusable packaging. Its innovative tracking-and-return system features IoT and blockchain technology and a network of return points.



At a glance

  • Reusable packaging made from recycled clothing
  • Uses an innovative tracking-and-return system
  • Reduces packaging waste, carbon emissions, and material and labour costs

Solution status


Nearly one-third of the world’s trash comes from packaging. The volume of packaging used by the e-commerce sector alone amounts to 9.4 million metric tons. Much of this packaging is discarded, ending up in landfills.

When not reused, more packaging needs to be produced, depleting valuable natural resources and generating carbon emissions. With the dramatic growth in online shopping, sustainable packaging solutions are needed more than ever.

Reusable mailer bags and pallet covers with tracking-and-return

Packoorang has developed reusable packaging made from 100 per cent recycled clothing. There are two types of packaging: reusable mailer bags and reusable pallet covers. These are particularly useful for e-commerce and logistics companies that send high volumes of parcels.

An innovative tracking-and-return system features a network of local return points for consumer returns. IoT technology enables the return points to talk to the system, alerting it when they are full and need emptying. Blockchain technology, meanwhile, enables Packoorang and its customers to keep track of all assets in circulation.


Bagoorang reusable mailer bags.

Concrete benefits

Packoorang’s reusable packaging has a 50–80 per cent smaller carbon footprint than cardboard boxes after just one use. Since the packaging can sustain 100 trips, the environment benefits from each trip that a cardboard box, void filler, plastic and tape are not manufactured and transported. Packoorang has a take-back programme for recycling the bags at end-of-life.

From a financial perspective, companies no longer need to purchase single-use plastics, cardboard and other material. The reusable mailer bags can save 30 per cent in labour and shipping costs, and the reusable pallet covers can save up to 80 per cent in material costs alone.

Moreover, the solution eliminates the costly problem of inefficient packaging and the need to invest in machinery, such as packing robots and pallet wrapping machines.

Market potential

The demand for sustainable packaging is growing as the global packaging industry is expected to hit USD 1 trillion by 2024. Moreover, the e-commerce industry has already reached USD 25.6 trillion, and the number of online shoppers around the world continues to grow.

Packoorang’s target market includes e-commerce and logistics companies, as well as any business that sends large amounts of parcels, pallets or other types of shipments. The company is rolling out its first pilots in the Nordic countries in February/March 2021, with pilots lined up in Germany and the UK. Packoorang plans to expand to the rest of Europe and eventually Asia and North America.


Prototype of Palloorang reusable pallet covers.

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Rådhusgata 26, 0151 OSLO, Norway

Alvin Leer

CEO and Co-founder

+47 994 14 324

[email protected]

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