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OSC de-risks complex offshore wind projects

Published 27 Jan 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
Boat next to an offshore wind platform in a choppy sea

At a glance

  • Advanced simulation for offshore wind projects
  • Uses real physics for highly realistic simulations
  • De-risks projects, increases efficiency, lowers costs

OSC provides advanced simulation for offshore wind operations, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. “We de-risk offshore projects by helping our users to identify the unknowns and quantify the known challenges,” says Communications and Coordination Manager Siri Teigene Hatløy.

By now it’s common knowledge that GHG emissions must reach net zero by 2050 to prevent the most severe impacts of climate change. In the electricity sector, this means that hundreds of gigawatts of renewable energy must be developed in the next two decades.

“Offshore wind energy must ramp up quickly and substantially, but the risks and costs are high. Simulation assets may help companies to reduce capital expenditure,” says Teigene Hatløy.

This is where OSC, the world’s most advanced provider of simulators for demanding offshore operations, can make a contribution.

Realistic offshore wind simulation

OSC provides a high-end virtual experience of real offshore wind operations. Its simulation solutions allow operators to test their plans and procedures under various conditions before implementation.

OSC simulators use real physics and are therefore highly realistic. The technology makes big data accessible and usable, enabling humans to understand, interact and make decisions based on data at extremely high speed.

“We use our customers’ own data, as well as advanced data on weather, sea conditions and the like. Then we crunch the numbers and create a visual output. This allows testing of a wide variety of behaviours. In heavy crane operations, for example, our customers can test maximum load and how wind speed affects lifting a machine onto a vessel,” explains Teigene Hatløy.

A few of the specialised products in OSC’s portfolio include virtual prototyping, digital twins and a prediction tool.

“Our solutions can be used in all phases of the wind farm life cycle – from planning, installation and monitoring to maintenance and decommissioning,” she says.

Simulated bird's eye view of wind turbine foundations

OSC accelerates transition to offshore wind

OSC helps to de-risk the most advanced offshore projects through visual simulation.

“Offshore wind farms are massive, complex operations. By testing plans and procedures early on, operators can reduce risks and lower costs in the long run,” says Teigene Hatløy.

Operational efficiency is increased as well, resulting in higher profits and reduced emission. In addition, complex risks and opportunities are brought to light in hours and days rather than months and years.

Moreover, simulation enables the crew to practice in a controlled environment, increasing worker safety. Insurance premiums may decrease as well.

In a broader context, OSC facilitates a quicker transition to renewable energy. “Our customers can pilot test new sustainable solutions in a real-world ocean environment at a much higher pace and at a lower costs,” she says.

Person sitting in a blue ocean simulator

Gigawatt-scale wind energy targets

The EU strategy on offshore renewable energy aims for an installed capacity of at least 60 GW of offshore wind by 2030 and 40 GW by 2050. Teigene Hatløy sees OSC’s potential to help the EU and others to reach their ambitious targets for offshore wind.

“The offshore wind supply chain needs to test, prepare and explore different scenarios in order to industrialise,” she says. “About 20 000 offshore wind turbines the size of the Eiffel Tower need to be installed by 2050,” she points out.

The company’s target customers are offshore wind developers, EPCIs and shipowners in Europe and the US. Founded in 2004 to serve the offshore sector, OSC now generates 75 per cent of its ocean-segment revenues from renewables.

Siri Teigene Hatløy

Communications and Coordination Manager

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