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Origo Solutions’ SCADA+ is streamlining floating offshore wind

Published 30 June 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read

Zephyros-One floating wind turbine

At a glance

  • Top-level SCADA incorporating other SCADA systems
  • Collects and systematises data into one overview, giving operators complete control
  • Allows operators to produce the maximum amount of energy at the lowest cost

Origo Solutions delivers SCADA systems for floating offshore wind farms and has introduced an even more advanced solution: SCADA+. “I call it a vacuum cleaner of data. It vacuums all the other subsystems and categorises all the data and systemises it into one interface,” says Rune Reinertsen, COO of Origo Solutions.

Offshore wind will be an integral part of the future energy mix. In Europe alone, the European Green Deal calls for an increase in installed offshore wind capacity by 25 times by 2030.

Floating wind has already been demonstrated to be a viable solution. Floating turbines can generate large amounts of energy because they are installed in deep waters where the strongest, most stable wind resources are found. The next step is to scale up to bring costs down and make floating offshore wind a competitive energy source.

All-in-one data collection system for wind turbines

Origo Solutions commissioned, designed and produced its first-generation supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for Hywind Scotland Pilot Park, where it was successfully tested. The company has now upgraded its system and has also introduced SCADA+, which is currently monitoring Zephyros-One, the world’s first floating wind turbine.

The SCADA+ system collects comprehensive data from all subsystems and compiles it into a single,user-friendly interface that provides a total overview of an individual turbine – and even an entire wind farm. The system gives operators complete control and systematic data-tracking abilities.

SCADA+ is flexible, scalable, and suitable for use at all types of wind farms, including bottom-fixed offshore wind and onshore wind, as well as for other types of renewable energy production.

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SCADA+ improves safety and sustainability at wind farms

The SCADA+ system improves safety in the offshore wind industry. Users obtain real-time insight from the collected data, so they can be alerted to a malfunction before it happens, for example.

On the environmental side, the system helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the offshore wind industry. “With SCADA+, operators are optimising logistics when it comes to supply operation vessels. Optimised logistics means less emissions,” says Reinertsen.

Moreover, all the data collected is owned by the wind farm operator, enabling them to analyse reports from as far as five years back to improve future planning.

Strong focus on renewable energy

As of February 2021, the total installed offshore wind capacity in Europe was 25 GW. This is equivalent to 5 402 grid-connected wind turbines across 12 countries. Given both the energy crisis and the environmental crisis, the demand for offshore wind generation will increase steeply as will the demand for advanced systems such as SCADA+.

“Origo Solutions is a control and automation company. The technology provides controlled feedback to the system. This technology will allow us to make it autonomous in the long run, giving SCADA+ an extra add-on,” says Reinertsen.

Origo Solutions has more than 40 years’ experience in developing, supplying and integrating control, automation, safety and data management systems, and solutions for the offshore and onshore oil and gas, process, marine and renewable energy industries.

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