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Optimeering Aqua optimises fish farming using advanced mathematics

Using models for mathematical optimisation and machine learning, Optimeering Aqua enables fish farmers to make better decisions, increasing their production output and value.Published 17 Nov 2022 (updated 16 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Software solution improving aquaculture production efficiency
  • Increases production without expanding existing facilities
  • Typically increases yield by 5%

Aquaculture provides sustainable and healthy food to a growing global population. Today 17 per cent of the protein consumed worldwide comes from the ocean, a figure expected to rise to 40 per cent by 2050.

At the same time, there is competition around key resources, such as valuable coastal areas. Optimal use of existing capacity is thus of high value to the fish farmer as well as for society as a whole.

Optimising salmon production at existing facilities

Optimeering Aqua has developed a software solution that allows salmon farmers to increase production efficiency within the framework of existing facilities and resources.

By combining farming data with advanced models for mathematical optimisation and machine learning, fish farmers can make better production decisions – leading to an increased yield of approximately 5 per cent on average.

Optimeering Aqua’s proprietary algorithm makes qualified calculations based on a number of factors affecting production and operational decisions. Behind every new suggested production plan, millions of calculations are performed as part of the search for the optimal solution.

Concrete benefits

Optimeering Aqua helps salmon farmers to increase production efficiency – and thus yield – without expanding their production facilities.

Given that an increase in global production efficiency of only 1 per cent will yield an additional 20 000 metric tons of salmon. This means that use of this optimising tool can boost production of seafood without putting further pressure on the world’s coastlines.

Market potential

Atlantic salmon farming alone produces more than 2 million metric tons for the global market annually. Thus, a 5 per cent increase in production would add 100 000 metric tons to global salmon production every year, with a total value surpassing USD 550 million. Although Optimeering Aqua’s solution has been developed targeting the global salmon industry, the principles are applicable to aquaculture production for all species of fish.



Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA), Thormøhlens gate 41E, 5006 BERGEN, Norway


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