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Nordic Green Products green and effective cleaning solutions

Published 23 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read
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Quick information

At a glance

  • Certified green industrial cleaning products
  • Easy to apply and safe for use on sensitive surfaces
  • Non-toxic, fully biodegradable and safe for disposal to sea

Nordic Green Products cleaning gels and fluids are certified as green according to European HOCNF regulations and effectively remove corrosion, mill scale, barnacles, humus, calcium and other deposits from various surfaces.

Many industrial cleaning chemicals are untested by third parties, and comprise toxic compounds which make them harmful both to the humans who use them and to the environment where they eventually end up.

On top of this, these products can be very specific in terms of their application, and either ineffective or harmful when used on surfaces for which they are not designed.

Certified green and effective cleaning solutions

Using Nordic Green Products (NGP) gel products, surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned by spraying on and leaving the gel for between two to 24 hours, depending on the extent of dirt. The gel is then rinsed off with a standard high-pressure washer, removing algae, lime, humus, barnacles and other deposits.

The gels work well on stainless steel as an alternative to acid washing or for removing light to medium corrosion as an alternative to sandblasting.

Alternatively, using NGP fluid products, objects can be dipped in a tray as one would with conventional cleaner, and rinsed with water. The Cons are particularly effective for flushing closed piping systems, such as cooling or heating pipes.

NGP gels and fluids are non-toxic, using only ingredients on the HOCNF’s Pose Little or No Risk (PLONOR) list. They can therefore be used in drinking water systems. Moreover, they do not harm plastic, gaskets or paint, making them suitable for painted surfaces, aluminium, stainless steel, concrete or other sensitive materials.

Concrete benefits

Certified as environment-friendly and biodegradable according to European regulations, NGP cleaning gels and fluids are safe for use on various exteriors, including sensitive surfaces.

The products are also easy to apply. Being non-toxic, they can be disposed directly to sea with no adverse effects.

Market potential

NGP cleaning gels and fluids are currently used in the oil and gas, maritime and industrial sectors, as well as for sensitive applications such as drinking and potable water.

Market potential is vast, as the products can be used anywhere and on various surfaces which competing chemicals such as bleach cannot. Conceivably, they could replace these toxic substances, ending the release of harmful cleaning compounds into the environment.

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