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NNNN’s sustainable speaker array makes sound greener

Published 19 Dec 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

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At a glance

  • Uses 80% less energy than conventional speaker arrays
  • Delivers high quality sound and fidelity using much smaller arrays
  • Produced with zero-emission power and free from toxic substances

NNNN’s innovative speakers decrease the carbon footprint of the audio industry. They deliver uncompromised sound while improving environmental sustainability.

Annually, 405 000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from live concerts and performances in the UK music market alone. Complex stage designs and large installations require a considerable amount of energy for sound and light systems, often requiring diesel aggregates to provide power. Travel and equipment transport, meanwhile, generate 10 per cent of the annual emissions.

High-quality green audio

NNNN produces horn-loaded speakers, which amplify sound acoustically. Fitted with a new generation of drivers, the speakers deliver high fidelity, sensitivity and sound pressure. All the speaker models are designed to match with future products.

The NNNN speakers produce higher sound quality and intensity than conventional speakers, enabling far fewer speakers to do the same job. Without the weight load of conventional speakers, the stage structures can be simpler, leading to faster deployment, mounting and dismantling. The smaller speaker array makes touring a greener operation; speakers that previously required semi-trucks or lorries, can now be transported in vans.

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Concrete benefits

NNNN substantially reduces energy consumption. On average, one NNNN speaker can replace eight conventional speakers. This produces 80 per cent savings in energy compared to conventional speakers. With the reduced power consumption, many festivals and events could be powered entirely through the grid.

The NNNN speakers are manufactured with zero-emission hydroelectric power, using sustainable Nordic spruce and non-toxic substances. NNNN plans to produce its speakers closer to its overseas sales destinations to cut shipping emissions. Additionally, because much fewer speakers are needed in an array, the environmental impact of speaker manufacturing is reduced by 80 per cent.

Market potential

The global audio PA market is estimated at USD 2.3 billon and continues to grow. Beyond concerts, festivals and clubs, many public buildings schools, cultural centres, sports venues, hotels and restaurants use sound systems.

NNNN was launched in February 2020 and has clients in France, Switzerland and the US. NNNN recently received the Green Guardian Award from IQ Magazine.

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