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Nanopower enables continuous monitoring of cold chain operations

Nanopower’s cold chain monitoring system helps to reduce the failure risks of temperature-sensitive transportation.

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At a glance

  • Smart solution for unbroken cold chain logistics
  • Cuts power consumption down to a fraction
  • Increases operational efficiency and reduces battery waste

Solution status


Some 14 per cent of all food is wasted during transport. Much of this loss is due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics. Meanwhile, in the biopharma industry, approximately USD 35 billion is lost each year due to weaknesses in cold chain transportation.

New wireless technology and low power sensors have proven to be valuable for monitoring of temperature-sensitive products, such as produce and pharmaceuticals. But these systems are not found in many large-scale implementations because they run out of battery power too fast. Massive logistics operations cannot support solutions that require such a high level of upkeep.

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Robust cold chain monitoring using minimal power

Nanopower’s patented low-power nP-Zero technology has the capabilities for solving these problems.

The company’s nP-Monitor system checks sensors every one to four seconds, with a power consumption of only 1 uA. This is equivalent to five to seven years of operation on a CR2032 battery.

The nP-Monitor features is a small form factor system in an IP6X casing. It is easy to install and can be integrated with any existing operating system.

Concrete benefits

The world’s population needs a safe and sustainable supply of food and medicines. The quality of temperature-controlled food and pharmaceuticals depends on an unbroken cold chain, and transparency throughout each step of transport is key to preventing losses.

Nanopower’s nP-Monitor system makes cold chain traceability more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable, and ensures stable, uninterrupted wireless monitoring.

Market potential

The global cold chain logistics market was worth almost USD 160 billion in 2018, and is expected to exceed USD 585 billion by 2026.

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