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INOshackle enables cleaner, more efficient heavy lifting for subsea operations

Published 29 June 2022 (updated 7 May 2024) · 2 min read

At a glance

  • The world’s first water-based hydraulic shackle
  • Simplifies offshore operations in oil and gas, wind and tidal power
  • Reduces man-hours and vessel operation time

The patented INOshackle™ is the world’s first water-based hydraulic shackle. It is designed to replace traditional, oil-based hydraulic shackles, for more environment-friendly heavy lifting in offshore operations.

Hydraulic shackles are used for lifting large and small structures in subsea operations. They are preferred to manual shackles when operating in confined spaces or difficult conditions where personnel cannot easily fasten or release a shackle themselves.

Traditional hydraulic shackles, however, are large, oil-based devices, which require a great deal of manpower to operate. There is also the risk of small oil spills.

To simplify subsea lifting and make offshore operation less resource-intensive, operators need access to new technologies.

Water-based hydraulic shackle

Developed by Inovatum Lifting AS and now owned by Møllerodden AS, the patented INOshackle™ is the world’s first water-based hydraulic shackle. It is powered only by water or air, eliminating the risk for oil spills.

The INOshackle allows as many shackles as needed to be connected at the same stab point, meaning multiple shackles can be fastened and released instantly and simultaneously.

In its standard configuration, the INOshackle is designed for lifting and positioning structures and equipment of between 25 and 150 metric tons. Custom designs, however, are also available, making possible lifts of between 9 and 6-7 000 metric tons, or more.

The INOshackle is designed and tested according to DNV’s classification for offshore and platform lifting applications, DNVGL-ST-0378. It available both for purchase and rental.

The INOshackle™ can reduce the time spent on lifting operations with several hours.

Concrete benefits

The INOshackle™ can reduce the time spent on lifting operations with several hours. It thereby reduces greenhouse gas emissions from offshore vessels, as well as manual labour hours at sea.

The INOshackle is, moreover, lightweight and small in size, enabling more nimble operations and improving safety for offshore personnel.

Finally, because the INOshackle does not employ hydraulic oils, there is no risk of oil spills or contamination.

Market potential

The INOshackle™ is suitable for a multitude of offshore operations, from the oil and gas sector to wind and tidal power and also aquaculture. Any sector that requires heavy lifting at sea can benefit from the INOshackle.Its market potential is global.

Established in 1960, Møllerodden is renowned worldwide for rapid deliver of high-quality onshore and offshore lifting equipment, including sheaves, blocks, swivels and INOshackles™. Møllerodden carries out sales and design together with its owner Brødrene Haukås Mek. Verksted AS, which also manufactures the equipment.

In future, Møllerodden is looking to expand the uses for its patented water-hydraulic technology beyond subsea lifting.

Kjell Jostein Gismarvik

General Manager

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