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Modulize loosens the tendering bottleneck in offsite construction

Published 20 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
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  • Tendering software for offsite construction
  • Automates cost estimation and billing
  • Improves efficiency in offsite construction

Modulize delivers software that automates the tender process for offsite construction manufacturers, ultimately promoting a shift to more eco-friendly building methods. “We want to create a world where construction is faster, cheaper and greener, all without sacrificing quality or character,” says Lucas Carstens, CEO of Modulize.

Construction is one of the world’s most important industries. It builds our homes, our workplaces and our social facilities. At the same time, the industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. The construction sector is responsible for 35 per cent of the EU’s total waste generation and 5 to 12 per cent of total national greenhouse gas emissions.

A major cause of this is inefficiency. According to Carstens, one promising solution is to optimise operations in offsite construction, a greener alternative to traditional onsite construction.

Modulize accelerates the tender process in offsite construction

Modulize software for cost estimation and bidding automates tendering at a level never seen before. A Software-as-a-Service tool, Modulize vastly improves efficiency in this crucial yet time-consuming first step in prefab manufacturing.

Under current practice, manufacturers receive a 3D building model or 2D drawing from their potential customer, and then perform many manual calculations and make qualitative assessments to come up with a price quote. The entire process takes hours.

“Initial users have told us that our solution has reduced the time they spend on some projects from one hour to five minutes. We expect that all our users will see a significant time savings, possibly up to 70 per cent. By automating this one task, we can already significantly increase efficiency in offsite construction,” says Carstens.

In addition, Modulize increases the accuracy of prices quotes by taking the guesswork out of the process. It can also boost manufacturers’ competitiveness and encourage an overall shift from onsite to offsite construction.

“We want to leverage digital solutions to unlock the most promising green alternative to onsite construction: prefabrication and modular construction,” says Carstens.

Model of solution

Turning the construction landscape green

Modulize can increase the appeal of prefabrication, improving the adoption rate of offsite construction, which today sits between 2 and 20 per cent, depending on geography. “Our aim is to remove multiple bottlenecks, stop information breakdowns and eliminate many of the other challenges holding back the industry today,” says Carstens.

For the sake of the environment, construction needs to adopt more sustainable practices – quickly, according to Carstens. The reasons for this are clear. Offsite construction can reduce waste produced onsite by up to 90 per cent and emissions by 50 per cent. It also increases the recycling of materials.

Moreover, workers enjoy a safer working environment with fewer accidents, and product quality is improved due to the controlled environment and in-factory quality checks. Buildings can be completed on time, in half the time, while saving up to 20 per cent in construction costs.

Founder group of Modulize
Founders of Modulize at Are Treindustrier, one of the company’s customers.

Using data to meet the growing demand for greener construction

Modulize’s software for cost estimation and bidding is the first product in the company’s end-to-end solution for the offsite construction value chain. When completed, the total solution will streamline project planning, design and execution.

Demand for this type of software is growing quickly. The offsite construction market is expected to reach USD 236 million by 2030, almost twice its current value. “Construction is at last waking up to the opportunities that lie within the digitalisation of the industry. And not only that, alternative ways of working are gaining traction,” says Carstens.

Modulize tendering software has just been launched and several Norwegian customers are already on board. Based in Oslo, Modulize is an early stage startup whose founders came together over a shared concern over the negative environmental impact of construction.

“I’ve spent my career finding value in data. I’m incredibly excited about building a company that uses data to help to improve an entire industry, and in doing so, have a lasting, positive impact on our environment,” says Carstens.

Lucas Carstens

Co-founder & CEO

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