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MIXMOVE cloud solution for logistics improves capacity utilisation

MIXMOVE is an award-winning collaborative cloud platform for enlightening logistics data to make logistics processes connected, efficient and sustainable. MIXMOVE amplifies existing solutions, ensuring maximum capacity utilisation, supply chain connectivity and item-level visibility.

MIXMOVE digital truck

Road transport moves 72 per cent of all goods in Europe, making it a significant contributor to climate change. At the same time, cities are facing congestion and pollution challenges with the boom in e-commerce.

One in five trucks on the road, however, is empty. And the rest are only half-filled on average. To improve utilisation and reduce emissions, more efficient supply chain management is required.

Advanced cargo optimisation

MIXMOVE’s cloud solution optimises goods in transit. The solution automatically analyses cargo orders for trucks, then picks apart and reconstructs the orders. The new set of orders means cargo is delivered to its next destination in a more efficient manner.

MIXMOVE is also capable of integrating multiple suppliers and logistics service providers into one single platform, making invisible information visible. It allows teams to manage, predict and analyse every logistics event on item-level in the best possible way, no matter what the source. This further ensures that the user can adapt to any changes and plan logistics processes dynamically.


Increases efficiency, cuts costs and emissions

MIXMOVE increases operational efficiency by allowing companies to transport higher volumes, while reducing logistics costs by up to 35 per cent. Using MIXMOVE to optimise operations can reduce a company’s greenhouse gas emissions from transport by up to 50 per cent, which equals a saving of 124 megatons of carbon.

The solution can easily be integrated into existing TMS, WMS, ERP or other supply chain systems, and provides end-to-end visibility, flexibility and dynamic control of the supply chain. MIXMOVE can also increase efficiency in cargo hubs by up to 50 per cent, due to a reduction in emergency hiring, inbound processing time and warehouse dispatch areas.

Moreover, companies can design their own data-driven logistics platform using the MIXMOVE cloud platform to eliminate complexity and enjoy all the benefits of MIXMOVE.

Tremendous untapped potential

About 40 per cent of road transport capacity in Europe today is unused. That translates to EUR 100 billion in unused resources, with the main problem being a lack of load unit optimisation. There is huge potential for optimising supply chains, both in Europe and across the globe.

MIXMOVE is working to shape the future of automobile sustainability and logistics. The company has clients worldwide, including international heavyweights such as DHL, 3M and Volkswagen.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

About the goal

Optimising supply chain operations reduces carbon emissions from transport by up to 50%.

Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

About the goal

Coordinating and consolidating city freight reduces the number of transport vehicles inside a city.

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