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Mimiro digital farming tools increase productivity

Mimiro creates digital tools which help farmers to increase productivity, work more closely with suppliers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Published 28 Nov 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Digital solutions for cost-effective and environment-friendly food production
  • Improves animal welfare and food quality
  • Well established in the Norwegian market

Global consulting firm EY predicts that digital agriculture could be “the most transformative and disruptive” change in farming for centuries. Equipping farmers to take part in this change will be essential for creating sustainable food production systems.

Most farmers, however, lack access to digital tools that could make their working day more efficient. And the tools that do exist are often not able to communicate well with each other.

Digital ecosystem

Mimiro has built a comprehensive, digital ecosystem for the entire agriculture industry, providing useful apps for farmers and valuable data access for third parties.

The Mimiro system collects data from a number of sources, including individual farmers, and saves the data in a secure cloud.

The cloud data is accessible for all interested parties – suppliers, researchers and other third parties – to improve overall productivity in the value chain. At the same time, individual farmers always own their personal data and control how the data is used.

Using the cloud data, Mimiro provides in-depth analysis to inform decision making. The company has launched several apps for Norwegian farmers, which will help the farmers to analyse production data and improve productivity.

Mimiro’s set of digital tools is easy to use for farmers and provides specific advice the farmers can act on, rather than simply displaying information.

Concrete benefits

Mimiro will use data insights to change the way food is produced on at the micro and macro-level, promoting more environment-friendly and cost-effective farming.

Better data analysis can also lead to healthier animals by allowing farmers to extract individual data and more easily identify when animals are stressed, anxious or happy. When animals are healthier and happier, the quality of the food is improved, as is animal welfare.


Market potential

By 2050, the global agriculture industry needs to produce 70 per cent more food while only being able to use 5 per cent more land. Improved digital capabilities will be essential for achieving this.

Mimiro’s platform has a sizeable database of farmers who use the company’s existing solutions. The company is in the process of expanding from Norwegian farmers to farmers elsewhere in Europe and in North America, making use of its existing work with the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning in the Norwegian dairy industry.

Mimiro is an independent Norwegian technology provider established by Tine and Felleskjøpet.



Raveien 2, 1430 ÅS, Norway


Harald Volden


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