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Metizoft streamlines chemical management on ships

Metizoft delivers software for chemical management on board ships, keeping required documentation up to date and accessible on the go. “Our solution is easy to use, cost effective and increases crew safety and chemical knowledge,” says Gry Cecilie Sydhagen, CEO of Metizoft.Published 12 May 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read
Man in grey work suit holding a smartphone in front of a row of colored canisters with hazardous substance labels

At a glance

  • Chemical management system for shipping
  • Provides an overview of chemical stock and usage on vessels
  • Increases worker safety and reduces environmental impact

Chemicals are an integral part of everyday operations on today’s ships. These chemicals are stored on board, often in several places around the vessel, and they are used for common activities such as cleaning and water treatment. Many are also toxic when handled improperly.

“To ensure worker safety and prevent environmental damage, operators need to know the dangers of exposure, the personal safety equipment requirements and what to do in case an accident occurs,” says Sydhagen.

All-in-one system for chemical management

Metizoft delivers easy-to-use software for shipowners, administrators and anyone handling chemicals on board vessels. The solution, known as the MZ Chemical System, provides a full overview of the chemical stock and usage on board a vessel. Equipped with this information, users can establish and maintain routines for the safe handling of chemicals and keep updated records on cleaning, maintenance and leakages.

In addition, the system contains an exposure log, safety data sheets for all products, substance register and risk assessment of harmful chemicals.

“This is a great tool. In addition to the exposure log for crew and clients, we have gained added value from the risk assessments and safety data, all in one system,” Sigurd Remøy, COO at Remøy Management.

The software is easily accessible online or offline, on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Metizoft provides full control over chemicals

The system enables users to maintain control of their chemical stock levels, withdrawals and substitutions of hazardous chemicals.

“Laws and regulations regarding chemicals and dangerous substances are very complicated, but with the MZ Chemical System, we have gained full control,” says Geir Danielsen, HSEQ Manager at O.H. Meling.

Control is crucial for ensuring worker safety. According to the International Labour Organization, workers have a right to information about chemicals they use at work. In the Metizoft solution, the hazard level of all chemicals is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5. Employers are able to implement protective measures for workers, while employees receive recommendations on precautions and create their own personal chemical exposure logs.

In addition, good chemical management results in less environmental impact, lower costs and reduced product waste.

Demand for better chemical oversight

The demand for chemical management software is growing as the EU, the IMO and other authorities enact stricter regulations on chemicals and the shipping industry seeks to improve its ESG profile.

Currently the company’s target market is the global shipping industry, but its software is relevant for any business that uses chemicals in its day-to-day operations.

Established as a green tech company in 2006 to map hazardous materials on board ships, today Metizoft is a versatile supplier of sustainable solutions for the entire ship lifecycle. This includes ESG and IHM services, documentation management and lifecycle assessment.



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