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Metizoft IHM documentation and management for ships 

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
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At a glance

  • Turnkey solution for IHM documentation and management
  • IHM system can monitor over 20 different hazardous materials
  • Metizoft can handle the IHM for both new and existing vessels

Metizoft provides a turnkey solution for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for the maritime industry. The IHM monitors hazardous materials on board a ship.

Managing hazardous materials on board vessels in operation and during recycling at the end of a ship’s life is a major challenge.

The new IHM regulations requires registration of all hazardous components and materials used in the construction of a ship and its equipment. Each subsequent owner of the ship is required to record any changes in materials or equipment throughout the ship’s life cycle. The IHM report must be delivered to the recycling facility when the ship is sent for scrapping or recycling.

IHM system for optimal safety

Metizoft offers a certified IHM system that is in line with regulations such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. The IHM system can handle the documentation process for the ship’s entire life cycle, monitoring more than 20 types of hazardous materials, including asbestos, PCBs and CFCs.

A real-time updated IHM helps the ship’s crew to manage hazardous materials by taking the necessary safety precautions. For example, if a significant amount of asbestos is found on board a vessel, Metizoft creates an asbestos management plan.

The IHM also makes it is easy to create a recycling plan with focus on worker safety. By knowing beforehand where hazardous materials are located, ship recycling workers can avoid exposure to these harmful substances.

Worker inspecting ship
IHM inspection on board a vessel.

Metizoft is certified for all vessels

Metizoft’s solution can be used for all types of vessels and maritime constructions that fall under the IHM Convention.

As a HazMat Expert company with certified IHM inspectors, Metizoft can handle the IHM for both new and existing vessels. An existing vessel without an IHM is required to have an inspection performed by certified personnel. Inspectors enter the ship to take samples to check for hazardous materials. These are then sent to a certified laboratory. The inspection and lab results are documented in an IHM report. Once the IHM report is approved, Metizoft can assist in keeping the IHM up to date.

Metizoft and its subsidiaries are certified by DNV, ABS, Lloyd's Register and BV.

Growing need for IHM systems

As of 31 December 2020, approximately 30 000 ships worldwide have been required to have a real-time updated IHM on board to avoid violation of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. It is estimated that approximately 60 000 vessels worldwide will be affected by the IMO’s Hong Kong Convention.

Metizoft’s main target customers are suppliers and sub-suppliers to the maritime industry, mainly manufacturers of maritime equipment for vessels operating worldwide.

Established as a green tech company in 2006 to map hazardous materials on board ships, today Metizoft is a versatile supplier of sustainable solutions for the entire ship lifecycle. This includes ESG and IHM services, chemical management and life cycle assessment.

Showing of IHM software on computers
IHM software from Metizoft. Once a vessel has an IHM, regulations require a system and a designated person that will keep the IHM up to date throughout the ship’s life cycle.

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