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Kongsberg Maritime offers lighter and greener propulsion system

Kongsberg Maritime offers a lighter and greener propulsion unit using carbon fibre material in load carrying parts. The first deliveries have been to superyachts, but the unit is also well suited for passenger vessels and workboats.

Kongsberg Maritime

Conventional propulsion systems for yachts typically consist of an engine, gear, shaft line and propeller in a straight line. The energy efficiency of these systems is far from optimal, and they are a source of noise and vibration.

Lightweight, energy-efficient propulsion system

The Kongsberg Maritime research and technology team set out to remedy these problems by exploring the use of a single, efficient and steerable thruster unit, as well as the use of new materials to develop a more energy efficient and silent solution.

The Azipull Carbon uses carbon fibre material in load carrying parts, substantially reducing the weight of the propulsion system. The new thrusters also facilitate better vessel layout, while providing high propulsion efficiency, excellent manoeuvring capabilities and easy maintenance.

The first thruster in the series, AZP C65, is designed for a power rating of 2 MW and fitted with a fixed pitch, pulling type propeller – meaning the propeller faces forward. The driveline has two spiral bevel gear sets, installed in a supporting structure that ensures optimum load carrying capacity in all operating conditions. The thruster can be steered using a hydraulic system. An automation and control system has also been developed for the new thrusters.

Concrete benefits

By reducing weight and developing a compact, steerable thruster, Kongsberg Maritime has achieved an increase in efficiency of 10–15 per cent, with a corresponding reduction of emissions. The unit weighs only 2.7 metric tons and can provide an output of up to 2 MW.

Using composites also offers other benefits, such as greater freedom in designing the unit and adapting its shape to the hull to substantially decrease noise and vibration.

Market potential

The Azipull Carbon is a gamechanger in the yacht market. So far, the Italian yacht builder Benetti has delivered six luxury superyachts featuring the lightweight, reliable and highly efficient propulsion system. There is further potential in the passenger vessel and workboat markets as well.

Kongsberg Maritime is an international leader in maritime technology, providing innovative, reliable and sustainable “full picture” solutions for all marine industry sectors. Headquartered in Norway, Kongsberg Maritime has manufacturing, sales and service facilities in 34 countries.

Propulsion system
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

About the goal

The Azipull Carbon from Kongsberg Maritime uses a new, recyclable material in industrial production and helps to reduce ship emissions.

Responsible consumption and production

12. Responsible consumption and production

About the goal

The Azipull Carbon from Kongsberg Maritime helps shipowners to reduce energy consumption.

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