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Jotun provides proactive solution for fouling prevention

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions illustration

At a glance

  • Proactive and sustainable approach for cleaner hulls
  • Elimination of fouling and associated risks
  • Enables full operational flexibility with unlimited idle days

Preventing ship hull fouling is increasingly important due to its economic and environmental impact. Jotun Hull Skating Solutions provide cleaner hulls and better fuel efficiency for the most challenging operations.

According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the accumulation of fouling over time leads to significant increases in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Fouling also contributes to the transfer of invasive aquatic species, affecting biodiversity, ecosystem health and the livelihoods of coastal communities across the globe.

There are numerous anti-fouling coatings on the market today offering different technologies tailored to differing operating profiles. Ships using the best coating technologies suited for normal, predictable trade will not require cleaning between drydocking. However, as operations become more challenging, frequent hull cleaning will be required to maintain performance.

Proactive hull maintenance, cleaning and inspection solution

Jotun has developed Jotun Hull Skating Solutions to help ship operators to combat early stages of fouling and significantly reduce fuel costs, CO₂ emissions and the spread of invasive species.

The solution is comprised of several key components, including SeaQuantum Skate, a high-performance coating developed specifically to optimise performance in combination with the HullSkater technology. Proactive condition monitoring of the vessel, meanwhile, enables the operator to predict when inspections and proactive cleaning are needed.

The HullSkater is the first robotic technology purposely designed for proactive cleaning and inspection. It is installed during docking and remotely operated by a Jotun Skate Operator, for 24/7 support. It is kept onboard at all times in a portable station with a launch and recovery ramp. This means that it is always available and can be used when the ship is in harbour or at anchor.

The high-end technical service includes a dedicated project manager in dock who follows paint application, HullSkater installation, operation by a Skate Operator and service support. The solution is delivered with extended performance and service level guarantees fitting the most challenging operations.

To validate the technology, Jotun is collaborating with technology specialists KONGSBERG, Semcon, DNV GL, Telenor, as well as shipping companies Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Berge Bulk and Maersk.

Concrete benefits

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions provide ecological and economic benefits by combining an advanced coating with efficient, safe, environment-friendly and proactive cleaning and inspection.

The solution is designed for vessels in challenging operations such as sailing in fouling rich waters or facing extended idle periods, as this is where fouling is most likely to cause issues for operators. Keeping fuel costs under control is the most obvious benefit. Other benefits include reduced environmental footprint, minimised risk of transmigration of invasive species, idle time protection, and 24/7 inspection and hull state verification capabilities.

Market potential

The economic and environmental impact of fouling, combined with increasingly stringent regulations, will drive demand for effective and innovative hull maintenance, cleaning and inspection methods. Ship operators who do not prioritise hull performance will not only have higher fuel costs, but may also face vessel charter party claims and port detentions, as authorities become increasingly sensitive to biosecurity risk.

Thus the global marine anti-fouling coatings market is expected to grow at a considerable rate and an increasing number of operators are anticipated to seek comprehensive, proactive solutions that can safeguard both the vessels and the environment.

Tom H. Evensen

Sales Director – Jotun Hull Performance Solutions

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