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InfoTiles modernises city water management with AI analytics

Published 20 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Digital water platform for the water sector
  • Uses machine learning and real-time analytics
  • Increases sustainability and efficiency in cities and utilities

InfoTiles provides real-time analytics for the water value chain, increasing efficiency and sustainability in the water sector. “Our solution is all about helping cities and utilities to make better water and sanitation decisions for their communities,” says Adam Wood, Chief Product Officer at InfoTiles.

While water sustainability is more crucial than ever, it is becoming more difficult to achieve.

“Ageing infrastructure, inadequate investment, shifting demographics and climate change are all contributing to an international crisis,” says Wood. “As one example, there are pipes in the UK laid down in Victorian times over 120 years ago. This clearly needs attention.”

Cities and utilities recognise that data can help to solve these challenges, but are often burdened with legacy equipment that generates siloed data that hinders sound decision making.

Real-time data analytics turn insight into action

InfoTiles provides solutions for water and wastewater management featuring real-time analytics. Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the digital water platform spans the entire water value chain, from supply through consumption to wastewater treatment and surveillance of natural waterways.

“Our solution simplifies and automates the tedious steps of consolidating data. By applying real-time analytics and machine learning, we help cities and utilities to turn insight into action,” Wood explains.

InfoTiles provides real-time data as well, which supports managers in their decision making in response to an emergency, such as flooding. It also enables data-driven maintenance to prevent unplanned breakdowns of pumps and other equipment.

“Our customers don’t need to buy lots of equipment to get started. We begin with the data they already have. Then we can enrich that data with publicly sourced data, such as weather metrics. New IoT sensors can also be added at a later time,” says Wood.

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InfoTiles helps cities to avoid water disasters

InfoTiles makes cities and utilities more efficient and sustainable by digitalising the water sector. A case in point is Lillestrøm municipality in Norway:

“We needed real-time data to see trends and predict upcoming events, both for the purpose of taking action as a municipality and not least for informing or providing warnings for our citizens,” says Erlend Berg, Enterprise Architect for Lillestrøm.

Improved infrastructure maintenance reduces energy consumption and associated carbon emissions, while saving money. In Lillestrøm, for example, fixing a single leak of 0.5 litres per second can prevent a recurring monthly loss in the range of USD 2 800.

Moreover, insightful water management provides better protection of freshwater resources.

Digital water growing exponentially

The UK Water Partnership expects that USD 405 billion will be spent on new water infrastructure and USD 178 billion on rehabilitation between 2018 and 2030. Due to the potential to unlock new levels of resource efficiency, the market for digital water solutions is expected to reach USD 63 billion by 2025.

“InfoTiles stands at the intersection of these promising markets,” Wood states.

Founded in 2016, InfoTiles’ target markets are Germany, the Nordics and the UK. The company already has customers in Denmark, Norway and the UK and recently won a contract with Anglian Water.

InfoTiles has received multiple recognitions, including as one of the Top Five Digital Management Solutions for Utilities and as one of Microsoft’s Success Stories from Norway.

Adam Wood

Chief Product Officer

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