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Heatwork uses hydronic heat for eco-friendly, non-toxic pest control

Published 21 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Hydronic heat solution for pest control
  • Non-toxic, low-emission, high energy efficiency
  • Safest pest control available for humans and the environment

HeatWork Pest Control uses hydronic heat to exterminate bedbugs, flour mites, silverfish and other pests. The system is a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to conventional pest control methods.

Pest control is needed in many different industries. Pest control solutions, however, have traditionally relied on chemicals, some of which may potentially be toxic.

Interest is therefore growing in chemical-free alternatives such as thermal treatment.

Hydronic heating safely exterminates indoor pests

HeatWork delivers a pest control machine that uses hydronic heat to exterminate a range of pests. The machine generates up to 100 °C of hydronic heat at an effectiveness rate of 94 per cent. Available in two sizes, the machine runs on climate-friendly biofuel.

At the heart of the solution lies HeatWork’s patented hydronic heat technology known as CliWi, short for “Climate Winner”. CliWi provides an efficient way to exchange energy, such as from liquid to air. The HeatWork machine serves as the fluid energy source for CliWi. The HW 103 machine carries eight CliWi units and the HW X2machine carries 16 CliWi units. The units are distributed inside the building while the main machine remains parked outside.

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Concrete benefits

The HeatWork pest control solution is safe both for humans and the environment because it is free from chemicals and can run on climate-friendly biofuel. And unlike electrical heat, hydronic heat presents no risk of fire or explosion.

The solution is also highly energy efficient, thanks to the technology that creates and retains heat within a closed system. The result is lower energy consumption and reduced energy costs.

HeatWork machines are mobile and self-propelled, as well as quiet, lightweight and easy to set up.

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Market potential

Safe, efficient pest control is needed in many locations, such as hotels and motels, bars and restaurants, food processing and food retail facilities, and offices. Europe alone has over 200 000 hotels and close to 1 million restaurants, representing a vast market for green pest control solutions.

Currently, HeatWork’s main market is Scandinavia, and the company is seeking to expand its customer base in the rest of Europe. HeatWork has over 15 years of experience with hydronic heat technology. In 2017, HeatWork won the Norwegian construction industry’s innovation award for CliWi.

Kristin Markussen

Marketing Manager

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