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Havbruksloggen's digital tool for monitoring aquaculture production

Published 17 Nov 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

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At a glance

  • Software system for maintenance of fish farms
  • Full overview of production facilities, and integration with third parties
  • Helps to reduce fish escapes and environmental impact

Havbruksloggen provides a complete overview of aquaculture facilities, down to the smallest detail. It helps fish farmers to run sustainable operations.

Aquaculture is a growing industry, but a lack of service and maintenance on fish farms could be a danger to the environment. Poorly maintained facilities can lead to fish escapes, disease outbreaks and biofouling. Improved control with operations is thus becoming a pressing concern across the industry.

All-in-one control and maintenance

Havbruksloggen is an easy-to-use software system which collects all information about a fish farm in one place. It gives fish farmers access to all aspects of their production and the ability to quickly identify and fix problems.

The solution provides a complete overview right down to component level, with graphical representations, active certifications, sensor data, component lifespan and much more. All components have global links to the supplier and their product registers.

Operations are in this way streamlined by seamless user management towards third-party vendors, service companies and government agencies working directly in the system.

Havbruksloggen AS

Concrete benefits

Havbruksloggen can contribute to increase production capacity, improve fish welfare and reduce fish escapes. It can moreover help to combat biofouling and other environmental problems.

The solution’s simple user interface and third-party integrations make the working day easier for fish farmers. It moreover lets the farmers directly access data from remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), as well as automatically generate reports for regulators.

Market potential

The global aquaculture industry is growing rapidly, and the need for comprehensive digital tools for monitoring and maintenance is only increasing.

Havbruksloggen has been in use on Norwegian fish farms since 2012. It is under constant development in collaboration with some of the biggest players in the aquaculture industry.

Hacbruksloggen AS

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