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Fora Form’s innovative office furniture fosters engaging meetings

Published 13 Oct 2023 (updated 2 Jul 2024) · 3 min read

At a glance

  • Sustainable contemporary office furniture
  • Fosters productive employee interaction and well-being
  • Concept for repair and renewal of Fora Form furniture

Office furniture from Fora Form is designed to encourage the best possible interaction among people, enabling engaging meetings at work. “Our vision is to foster great interaction – wherever people meet – in our four focus areas: work together, eat together, breathe together, and experience together,” says Pål Eid-Hviding, Head of Marketing at Fora Form.


We show up and we log on: physically, mentally and digitally. In many ways, our working lives are the same as they always have been. And yet new technology and new habits have transformed how we work, and where we work from. Most employers are now grappling with the constant challenge of getting us into the office.

“Since the pandemic, the needs inside an office have changed dramatically. We want to lead the way towards a more human-oriented working environment. The younger generations are demanding it,” explains Eid-Hviding.


Human-centred office furniture revs up innovation

Fora Form harnesses innovation and design to create inspiring meeting places in offices. As one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture suppliers, the company delivers a high-quality product line of chairs, ottomans, sofas and tables – all designed to encourage positive interaction among people.

“Fora Form bases its furniture design on the Nordic values of democracy, equality and trust. We believe this adds value to office meeting places. The result is greater well-being, improved organisational culture and increased innovation power,” says Eid-Hviding.

One post-pandemic trend is the integration of home comforts into the workplace, as employers coax remote workers back to the office for face-to-face collaboration and community building. In response, Fora Form recently launched the cushy Otis sofa as a more relaxed approach to breakout furniture, while the Dwell chair provides more structured seating with a domestic touch.

“Our designs reflect our society. We wholeheartedly believe that people evolve, innovate and find better solutions when we collaborate,” he adds.

Two slender brown sofas with orange pillows and a slender wooden chair
The Senso Frame sofa and an Atrium chair in a quiet zone at Fora Form.


New circular ecosystem for office furniture

Fora Form has a conscious relationship with the outside world, including the climate impact of its products. For years, the company has held key environmental certifications and followed its own high standards for sustainability. Moreover, it has always made its products to last a long time, both in terms of design and function.

Now the company is introducing Fora ReForm, a concept that gives new life to original Fora Form products through local upgrading and certification. “With Fora ReForm, we’re creating a sustainable life cycle from raw materials to use, reuse and recycling,” says Eid-Hviding.

Original products are picked up for repair and renewal, avoiding disposal due to normal wear-and-tear or outdated design. “By repairing and reusing Fora Form furniture, companies will reduce their CO2 footprint by 50 to 70 per cent compared to buying a new piece,” he continues.


Market grows for inspiring office furniture à la Fora Form

Surveys conducted by YouGov for Fora Form show that nice furniture, aesthetics and a pleasant atmosphere matter a lot to employees. Thirty-five per cent say they find it more enjoyable to come to work and 20 per cent feel more inspired and productive. Moreover, 13 per cent say it improves collaboration with colleagues.

Fora Form is among the top five furniture manufacturers in Norway, with seven showrooms, 65 employees and 50 design awards. The company recently opened a showroom in Copenhagen as well.

Light brown velour sofa
The Otis sofa from Fora Form.

Pål Eid-Hviding

Head of Marketing

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