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Eco Water’s chemical-free system purifies the world’s drinking water

Published 13 Dec 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 3 min read

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  • Chemical-free water purification solution
  • User-friendly system eliminates 99% of contaminants
  • Non-electric system saves energy and reduces costs

The Eco Rack Unit purifies up to 99.9 per cent of contaminants in drinking water without chemical additives. “This is an all-around system,” says Morten Engen, Managing Director of Eco Water. “Our solution handles almost all of the problems found in the world’s drinking water.”

The world is facing a water crisis of enormous proportions. Three of 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water, and one in four healthcare facilities lack basic water services.

In fact, the World Economic Forum says that the water crisis is a top global risk in terms of impact to society. While the crisis is greatest in low-income countries, developed countries have their own challenges with contaminated water from environmental pollution and outdated, leaky water pipes.

Water purification system eliminates almost all contaminants

The Eco Rack Unit is a simple, user-friendly water purification system for homes, offices, clinics, hotels and schools. Delivered preassembled, the unit connects easily to the building’s incoming water supply, providing clean, drinkable water throughout the structure.

The Eco Water technology uses a five-step filtering process that eliminates nearly all contaminants from the water, including chlorine, turbidity, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. It also removes particles, humus and other sediment, as well as any unpleasant odour, colour or taste.

Eco Rack solves most drinking water problems in developed countries, where water quality varies in spite of relatively good public water treatment. It also solves water problems in developing countries that arise from seasonal variations in water quality and variations in raw water quality, for example.

“There’s always going to be something in drinking water that needs purification, no matter where you are in the world,” says Engen.

The Eco Rack Unit is available in several sizes.

Flexible water purification solution with no need for electricity

The Eco Rack Unit uses an all-natural process that does not rely on chemical additives. Moreover, Eco Rack retains the minerals and trace elements in water that are important for human health. Installing an Eco Rack Unit in a home or office also eliminates the need to purchase bottles of water which, if not recycled, contribute to plastic waste pollution.

Unlike many other systems, the Eco Water technology does not require an electricity source, running on water pressure instead. The result is significant energy savings and reduced costs. This also makes the technology suitable for use in situations where electricity is unavailable.

Moreover, the Eco Water technology is highly effective in developing countries, even in the most extreme conditions. “One of our systems was being used in a UN field camp in Somalia where the water contained rat urine. They were able to analyse the water and then purify it using our technology,” says Engen.

Water quality concerns driving the market

Concern about water quality in both developing and developed countries is driving the market for user-friendly water purification solutions, which is projected to reach USD 45 billion by 2027.

The Eco Rack Unit is currently in use mainly in Scandinavia, where 50 per cent of all dental offices in Norway have purchased the system. In addition, the company delivers several other water purification solutions based on the Eco Water technology.

The Eco Rescue Flex, for example, provides clean water to field camps, field hospitals and mobile kitchens through the company’s work with the UN, the WHO and various humanitarian aid organisations.

Eco Water is now seeking to expand globally. “We want to come in contact with potential distributors in other countries. We have the technology and they can do the assembling,” says Engen.

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