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Kognitwin® digital twin for autonomous, unmanned and remotely operated assets

Published 23 Nov 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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At a glance

  • Recreates all characteristics of real assets in a virtual 3D model
  • Tests how an asset will perform without needing to test it physically
  • Optimises safety, performance, maintenance and energy consumption

KONGSBERG’s Dynamic Digital Twin is an integrated digital solutions tool for oil and gas facilities but is easily adapted to other industries. It is used to perform safer operations and provides risk reduction through scenario testing before implementation.

The oil and gas sector faces substantial challenges related to designing, operating and maintaining offshore assets, but also substantial opportunities enabled by new digital tools. Risks and uncertainties can now be evaluated and accounted for before assets are produced and before offshore operations are performed. Asset design and operation can be evaluated, designed and operated as standalone, or as a part of a larger infrastructure including production capacity, piping and energy systems. This helps to optimise solutions in a ecosystem perspective, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Advanced, contextual visualisation

KONGSBERG’s Dynamic Digital Twin provides an integrated digital solutions tool for oil and gas facilities. It is used to optimise and reduce the time and cost of commissioning, operating, planning and designing assets, and improves performance through data-driven operations.

The Dynamic Digital Twin recreates all the characteristics of real assets in advanced, data-enriched visualisation and 3D models. It allows users to explore developing concepts and operational assets in a virtual context, delivering insight across disciplinary silos and giving in-depth understanding of operations, behaviour, maintenance, costs, performance and more. It is accessible from anywhere and on any digital device, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

The Dynamic Digital Twin incorporates machine learning algorithms to increase efficiency across processes and facilitates realistic testing of scenarios and control settings before implementation in the real asset.

Kongsberg Digital

Concrete benefits

The Dynamic Digital Twin integrates various systems and work layers, enhancing collaboration across disciplines. It also increases visibility and insight across value chains and makes relevant information accessible to all parts of the organisation, thereby improving organisational productivity.

The main benefits of utilising a digital twin are related both to improved and more cost-efficient design of new assets and to increased production efficiency (PE) for assets in operation. Experience indicates an increase of 2 to 5 per cent PE due to improved control schemes and more robust and right-sized designs, resulting in less energy consumption and maintenance.

Market potential

The Dynamic Digital Twin can easily be applied to other industries. It can also enable control of autonomous, unmanned and remotely operated assets in air and in space.

Kongsberg Digital and Agder Energi have signed an agreement to explore the use of the Dynamic Digital Twin in digitalising the hydropower industry.

Mathilde Vik Magnussen

VP Communications & Marketing

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