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Ducky interactive climate engagement platform

The Ducky platform is designed to engage individuals in taking sustainable action – both in their own lives and within their organisation.Published 24 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read
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  • Platform that motivates individuals to take climate action
  • API solution that motivates customers to make sustainable choices
  • Climate footprint calculator using country-specific climate data

Almost nine out of ten employees consider it important that their employer takes social and environmental responsibility, according to an Ipsos MORIsurvey in the UK. Yet it is often difficult for companies and large organisations to demonstrate and measure the steps they are taking to combat climate change.

For individuals, meanwhile, doomsday climate scenarios portrayed in the media can often be paralysing, making it difficult to see that their everyday actions actually make a difference.

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

To operationalise climate action for organisations and individuals, Ducky has created a platform comprised of three products: the Ducky Footprint Calculator, the Ducky Climate Challenge, and the Climate Data API.

The Ducky Footprint Calculator calculates individuals’ climate footprint using consumer-based climate data (currently from Norway only). This footprint forms the basis for the other products – the Ducky Challenge and the Climate Data API – and helps to motivate action.

The Ducky Challenge is a two-week competition which quantifies, visualises and communicates simple everyday activities that individuals can do to benefit the climate. Such initiatives can help make sustainability part of company culture and enable employees to understand it’s importance.

The Climate Data API solution delivers specialised climate data for companies to use on their website to help customers to make sustainable choices.

Ducky has recently released a comprehensive teaching package and a Climate Championship for schools.

Concrete benefits

The Ducky platform helps companies to create employee engagement in sustainability by taking meaningful action both at home and at work. These engagement activities may then be linked to company strategy.

The platform can also help companies to create success stories with individual and collective impact – as well as to reduce costs, increase productivity, and promote employee health and well-being.

Market potential

The platform is relevant for all types of companies, schools or organisations.

Ducky’s main market is currently large companies with sustainability strategies in place. There are over 700 large companies with more than 250 employees in Norway and over 44 000 large companies in the EU. A growing number of these understand that making sustainability part of their core business is essential to stay relevant in the future and to attract and retain talent.

Ducky’s clients include IKEA Norway, Trøndelag county, Telemark county, Enova, Nordfjord Folk High School, Ruter, Vitari, EvoTek and more. The company is in the process of scaling to the international market.

Ducky was mentioned in a TEDGlobal talk by psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes as a tool for proper climate communication in 2017.



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