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Dualog is making web and communication services reliable at sea

Cargo ships use more communications systems than ever before. Dualog ensures they stay connected to internet, emails and anything else – at all times.

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Dependable web and communication services at sea are highly in demand, especially for large freighters that are away from land for weeks on end.

When facing bad or shifting weather, instant input of meteorological and navigational data is particularly useful. During ordinary operations, meanwhile, internet access facilitates regular land communication and improved crew welfare.

Connecting to the internet anywhere on any ocean, however, is not always a simple matter.

Online anywhere

Norwegian IT company Dualog has developed a digital platform specifically for the global shipping industry, ensuring that ships’ web and communications service are consistently available.

The platform uses any available means of communication to link a client software on board ships with Dualog’s secure data centre. From there, the ship can connect to the internet and to authorised users around the world who communicate directly with the ship.

Dualog hosts bespoke email and cloud services for shipping companies, ensuring secure communication from ship to shore. The platform also has solutions for making on board Wi-Fi connections available to crew in an easy and secure manner.

Concrete benefits

The chief advantage of the Dualog system is making existing communications from ship to shore reliable. Ships can buy web and communication services from any provider and use Dualog’s digital platform to ensure their connection is always there.

This gives captains instant access to updated weather forecasts, fuel estimations and a range of other useful data, as well as to emergency medical assistance. An added benefit is crew welfare, with regular personal internet access relieving boredom and connecting crew members to their families.

Market potential

The world’s merchant fleet is growing, as is the demand for shipping services, according to the UN’s Review of Maritime Transport. With the shipping industry needing to stay connected at all times, web and communications services on board ships will become increasingly sought-after.

Dualog is changing with the industry and continually adapts to assist any communication services on board a ship. Since 1994, the company has installed its system on more than 3 000 ships worldwide. Dualog has offices in Tromsø, Oslo, Copenhagen, Liverpool and Singapore.

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Decent work and economic growth

8. Decent work and economic growth

About the goal

Dualog is making web and communication services reliable at sea

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

About the goal

Reliable communication services is an important building block in maritime infrastructure.

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Alkeveien 14, 9015 TROMSØ, Norway

Silje Moan

Chief Operating Officer

+47 900 58 757

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