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My Story™ blockchain-powered tool for consumer trust

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 25 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Blockchain-powered digital assurance solution
  • Bridges the trust gap between companies’ efforts and consumer concerns
  • Ability to instantly share an authenticated product story

My Story™ is a blockchain-powered digital assurance solutions that helps companies to bridge the trust gap between actual sustainability efforts and consumer concerns.

Consumers increasingly scrutinise each product they buy – be it cars, clothes or coffee – to confirm companies’ promises to be honest and responsible.

Many companies, meanwhile, struggle to communicate their efforts to secure ethical sourcing and the value of their certifications.

Both consumers and companies could benefit immensely from easy access to reliable, third-party authentication of a sustainable supply chain.

Building consumer trust

DNV has developed the blockchain-powered digital assurance solution My Story™. It gives consumers instant access to the verified journey a product has taken, from raw materials to finished goods.

My Story tells the story behind each product based on facts and data stored in a public blockchain. Scanning any product, consumers can instantly dive into the aspects that interest them: from quality and environmental impact to social responsibility and ethical integrity, or even how to consume or use it.

My Story combines DNV’s deep industry expertise and independent audits with data collection and verification services in a blockchain-powered ecosystem. The blockchain technology acts as a perfect trust generator by virtue of the verified data immutably stored in it.

Concrete benefits

My Story enables companies to turn marketing buzzwords into a verified story. For companies seriously investing in sustainable processes and value chains, the tool enables sharing of these efforts in an authentic way, setting them apart from less serious, greenwashing players.

The My Story solution is an incentive to work more sustainably, with the ability to build authenticity into product claims becoming a market differentiator.

In addition to building consumer trust and loyalty, My Story helps companies with data collection, enterprise and product ID issuance, product story sharing, data storage, and data verification. Analysing the data collected could even help to detect the potential for improvements or increase control throughout a supply chain.

Market potential

Achieving economic growth and sustainable development requires everyone to reduce their ecological footprint. Digital solutions that incentivise and drive a change in behaviour could increasingly play a significant role here.

My Story is applicable to the supply chains of all types of packaged goods.

DNV is a global assurance provider and risk management company. It operates across a range of industries in more than 100 countries worldwide.



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