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Decon-X provides intelligent disinfection for hospitals and health institutions

Published 1 Dec 2022 (updated 7 May 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Automatic disinfection for rooms and equipment
  • Dry mist kills all virus, bacteria and spores
  • No-touch process with no harmful chemicals

Decon-X has developed a new disinfection method with no harmful chemicals for removing microbes from all surfaces and equipment in a closed area.

Hospital-acquired infections are a growing global problem. In Norwegian hospitals alone, more than 35 000 people are infected each year.

Treatment and prevention of such infections is leading to an increase in multidrug-resistant organisms, as well as the use of disinfection methods using toxic chemicals.

Automatic disinfection

Decon-X technology is based on research and is developed and produced in Norway. A dry mist consisting of hydrogen peroxide is produced by a robot. The dry mist fills the room and removes 99.9999 per cent of all bacteria, viruses and spores from the room and all its surfaces and equipment. The method can be used both as prevention and during outbreaks.

The technology uses a combination of sensors, software and communication devices to ensure correct process, alert the user of any anomalies, and ensure optimal removal of all microbes. Verification of the process and alarms are sent via SMS and e-mail to the user. The entire process is done in approximately two to three hours.

The disinfection method from Decon-X is gentle and will not harm furniture or technical equipment. The robots can be used anywhere: health institutions, veterinary clinics, gyms, industrial kitchens and areas for food production. The solutions are available through sales, leasing and total service delivery.


Concrete benefits

Decon-X’s disinfection system is a quick, no-touch solution that uses an eco-friendly disinfectant. The process contributes to a reduction of hospital-acquired infections, and prevents and stops the spread of unwanted bacteria, viruses and other microbes in health institutions.

The Decon-X technology automatically controls the process and ensures the removal of all microbes – and generates documentation. This makes it easy for operators to create good routines for disinfection.

Market potential

There is a huge and unmet need for removing microbes in hospitals, veterinary facilities and across food production chains. Norwegian hospitals alone can save more than USD 200 million on improved disinfection.

Decon-X launched the first version of its automated disinfection machine, DX1, in 2014. Today this is used by more than 300 health institutions in Europe. In 2019, the technology was acquired for use in three of Norway’s largest animal hospitals.

Decon-X is a science-based company that continuously invests in testing and development of new technology. The DX1F, for example, was launched in 2019 and has a retractable nozzle for easy access to smaller areas. It is currently used to disinfect ambulances. The technology is also delivered as a fixed system, DX3, which is integrated into the room (as shown in the video). A new technology platform, DX2, will be launched in 2021.

Norwegian food research institute Nofima has trialled the technology for two and a half years and confirmed that it removes listeria from food production facilities.

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