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CheckWare boosts health outcomes with digital patient participation

Published 2 Oct 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 3 min read
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  • Software platform for digital patient participation
  • Patient-reported data enables more outpatient treatment
  • Ensures high-quality healthcare, in less time, at lower cost

CheckWare delivers a software platform for digital patient participation, allowing healthcare workers to provide high-quality care, in less time, at a lower cost. “Our vision is that patients worldwide will receive better care and improved health outcomes through digital healthcare services,” says Kim Mugaas, VP Sales at CheckWare.

In Europe, the health workforce crisis is no longer a looming threat – it is here. National healthsystems are struggling to keep up with the rising demand for healthcare, exacerbated by service backlogs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising expectations from patients and the health risks posed by climate change and emergencies.

“There are not enough warm hands to treat all the patients. To solve this, more patients must be treated outside the hospital, ideally at home, using digital services,” explains Mugaas.

Patient-reported data improves healthcare services

CheckWare delivers a software platform to enable digital clinical measures, remote patient monitoring and online treatment programmes. Designed specifically for health trusts, hospitals and clinics, CheckWare provides access to all clinical and outcome measures needed in a given situation. Both mental and physical health services are included.

“Patient-reported data lies at the heart of our solution, which can be used for any service and any pathway,” says Mugaas.

CheckWare has digital distribution rights to more than 1 300 clinical measures, tests, patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and diagnostic interviews. Users can also digitise their own questionnaires and forms, and the solution can integrate with medical devices and third-party health apps.

“Our customers develop their own automated health services using our self-service platform. Our solution can be integrated 100 per cent into electronic patient records, and we can be the engine to ensure that the data is being collected at the right time,” he adds.

CheckWare enables follow-up of 13 times more patients

CheckWare increases efficiency in healthcare while at the same time improving quality.

“As an epilepsy specialist, I see a huge difference in the number of patients I treat and monitor now with CheckWare. I have observed an increase from 10 patients annually, to the current 131 patients, without spending any more time on patient-centred work than I did before,” says Marte Syvertsen, a doctor at Drammen Hospital.

Other users have reported a 57.4 per cent reduction in administrative time, improved waiting list priorities and a six-week reduction in time that premature newborns spend in hospital.

Quest to improve healthcare fuels digital market

In March 2023, the WHO European Region adopted the Bucharest Declaration, urging political action to protect, support and invest in healthcare workers across Europe. One item calls for optimising the performance of the healthcare workforce, which will require ongoing digitalisation of the field.

CheckWare has been enabling digital patient participation since 2007, and now has offices in Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK. CheckWare is used by all four regional health authorities in Norway. It is also used by an increasing number of healthcare providers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and in Sweden.

“We seek to collaborate with anyone who wants to collect patient data in a proven and efficient manner,” says Mugaas.

“All the while, we are facilitating patients’ participation in their own care,” he concludes.

Kim Mugaas

VP Sales

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