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Cetegra boosts productivity and efficiency in a transforming energy industry

Published 8 Nov 2022 (updated 15 Apr 2024) · 3 min read


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  • Desktop cloud platform for the energy industry
  • Comprehensive system digitalises electricity companies
  • Increases productivity, reduces costs and emissions

The Cetegra cloud platform digitalises electricity companies, increasing productivity while reducing management costs and carbon emissions. “Cetegra provides the ideal solution for the power industry’s fundamental digital transformation,” says Julie Vonnet, Product Market Specialist at Cegal.

Digital transformation has the potential to unlock USD 1.3 trillion of value for the electricity sector. Now it is up to the industry to embrace this trend, but the maturity of digital technology varies.

“Electricity flows are becoming more complicated, and the amount of real-time data being produced is astonishing. This data represents a huge asset for the energy industry. We need more digital tools that leverage the value of the data and give employees centralised access to it,” says Vonnet.

Cetegra does precisely this.

Secure digitalisation for the energy industry

Cetegra is a cloud platform designed specifically for the energy sector. Comprehensive in scope, the solution provides data consolidation, data integration and applications management for energy companies.

As part of this, employees get access to a virtual desktop and multiple applications from anywhere, at any time, using any internet-connected device. “Cetegra breaks down silos, putting collaboration front and centre,” says Vonnet.

Employees can use their laptop, tablet or smartphone to work optimally with colleagues, sharing the same data and applications. This gives maintenance workers, for instance, mobile access to crucial data in the field and simplifies collaboration among colleagues in diverse departments.

Vendor neutral, Cetegra provides access to major cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure. In addition, Cetegra includes the use of high-performance data centres, eliminating the need for each company to have its own servers.

Moreover, Cetegra emphasises superior data security in an age of increasing cybercrime.


Cetegra data centres save energy

Sustainability is a natural ripple effect of Cetegra. Simply put, cloud data centres save energy because they utilise economies of scale, more power-efficient equipment and cooling while consuming green energy.

“Virtualising hundreds of laptops greatly reduces energy consumption and costs. This translates to lower carbon emissions. With our solution, companies can reduce digital emissions up to 60 per cent or even subscribe to our zero-emissions platform that offers a neutral carbon footprint through our offsetting programme,” says Vonnet.

Worker productivity gets a boost as well. With Cetegra, employees have all the data they need at their fingertips, freeing up about 30 per cent of the employees’ time for critical work tasks.

All of this leads to better cost control. Cetegra ensures that a company’s digital resources are used as efficiently as possible. This includes application procurement management, ensuring that employees always have the latest software version and saving up to 50 per cent of related costs.

Leading the way in energy digitalisation

Digital transformation in the energy industry is driving the demand for powerful cloud platforms that are open and scalable with a strong digital ecosystem to drive efficiency and sustainability.

The EU has set an ambitious target to become climate neutral by 2050, compelling high-emission industries to reinvent themselves.

Cegal, the solution’s developer, has competitive advantages in this regard. “As a mid-sized company, we are small enough to design tailormade solutions for each customer and give ongoing customer support. But we are also large enough to provide a comprehensive system for the complex digital needs of energy companies,” says Vonnet.

Cegal has a proven track record with 20 years of experience in the energy industry. As a data and cloud specialist for oil and gas customers, Cegal is now expanding to offer specialised solutions to solve domain-specific challenges for electricity companies. This will give Cegal’s customers a competitive advantage within cost optimisation and innovation.

Julie Vonnet

Product Market Specialist

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