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CaptureMap CO₂ emissions mapping tool advances CCS in Europe

Published 22 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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At a glance

  • Tool for mapping industrial CO₂ emissions in Europe
  • Provides comprehensive data and analytics on the potential for CCS
  • Advances CCS as a business area and helps to reduce CO₂ emissions

CaptureMap is a tool for mapping industrial CO₂ emissions in Europe. The solution provides a comprehensive picture of CCS opportunities, ultimately helping to reduce atmospheric CO₂ and mitigate climate change.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is essential for achieving emission reduction targets. While electrification and renewable energy sources provide opportunities to reduce emissions across sectors, these solutions are not always applicable. CCS is therefore a necessary tool for removing emissions from sectors that are hard to decarbonise.

As an emerging business area, CCS has had a slow start. One obstacle has been insufficient data that companies need to assess the potential of CCS projects. Without thorough information, projects cannot get off the ground.

Mapping tool for CO₂ emissions provides valuable data on potential carbon capture and storage

CaptureMap identifies emission sites in Europe, filters the most relevant ones and estimates how much CO₂ can be captured. Users can then assess the potential of CCS projects. The interactive dashboard gives an overview of emissions data and allows users to zoom in for a more detailed picture.

The tool offers more than raw data, however. It also provides analytics that are important for CCS. Users can filter the data according to categories such as industry segment, distance to the closest port, and the theoretical share of capturable emissions. Analytics on sailing distance to storage terminals, emission clusters and matches in the EU ETS database are also available.

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Concrete benefits

CaptureMap is part of the effort to advance carbon capture and storage in Europe. The tool is the first to give a comprehensive picture of CCS opportunities, combining public and private databases in a completely new way. In addition, the data is continually updated, and new features are added as the need arises.

CaptureMap runs on the Microsoft Power BI platform, making it easily accessible anywhere in the world via a normal web browser or a mobile app.

Market potential

The EU’s vision of climate-neutrality by 2050 is a main driver of CCS in Europe. As such, the customer base for CaptureMap is wide-ranging, from oil and gas companies already working with CCS to suppliers of equipment to capture and transport CO₂ emissions. Other potential customers are industrial companies seeking to capture their own emissions, as well as research organisations, NGOs and public authorities making strategic decisions on CCS.

CaptureMap is already being used by leading industrial players, including the Norwegian energy heavyweight Equinor.

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