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Beyond omega-3: Superior supplement for human health and nutrition from sustainable marine resource

Published 21 June 2024 (updated 10 Jul 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Supplement made from the renewable resource Calanus finmarchicus
  • Naturally rich in marine policosanols and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Gently processed, 100% chemical and additive-free

Zooca® – The Calanus® Company has developed and produces Zooca® Calanus® Oil, a novel bioactive fat that is more than just an omega-3. With a full-spectrum fatty acid profile, Calanus® Oil contains more than 40 different fatty acids bound in their natural form.


By 2050 it is expected that the global population will reach roughly 10 billion, the demand for animal protein will double and food production will have to be increased by 60 per cent – sustainably. To help to meet the nutritional demands of the future without compromising biodiversity, the world will have to take full advantage of renewable marine resources. Zooca® – The Calanus® Company does just this, utilising the tiny zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus, which is the largest renewable and harvestable resource in the Norwegian Sea.


Unique process yields nutrient-dense marine oil supplement

Calanus finmarchicus is one of the world’s most abundant species with an enormous potential for positive effects on human health and nutrition. In the sea, Calanus finmarchicus stores its energy as liquid wax, or wax ester, which is a combination of marine policosanols and fatty acids bound together. Zooca® Calanus® Oil naturally contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA and SDA, as well as monounsaturated fats such as omega-7 and nutrients such as marine policosanols and astaxanthin.

Zooca® – The Calanus® Company has spent years researching and developing a manufacturing process for Calanus finmarchicus and can extract both oil and proteins while preserving the natural bioactive properties of the resource. The company uses a gentle processing method, simply extracting the lipids as is from the rest of the components. It is not necessary to refine, concentrate or change the composition in any way.

Zooca® Calanus® oil is therefore 100 per cent chemical and additive-free and naturally rich in marine nutrients. It is scientifically linked to long-term good health.


Zooca® Calanus® oil offers documented health benefits

Besides being eco-friendly, Zooca® Calanus® oil has shown benefits beyond what is expected from marine oils. Through its unique combination of raw nutrients in the form of liquid wax, Zooca® Calanus® oil demonstrates more potency than other marine oils.

Evidence of additional benefits is also clear. Solid scientific documentation and numerous clinical trials show that Zooca Calanus® oil may enhance muscle mass and function, body composition, insulin sensitivity and heart pumping capacity, and that it exhibits a potent anti-inflammatory effect.


Growing population brings growing demand for nutrients

As the global population grows, the need for high-quality nutrients will become increasingly critical. Zooca® Calanus® oil addresses this need by providing access to important nutrients for maintaining good health and well-being.

Zooca® Calanus® oil has market access in the EU (Novel Food approved), the US (GRAS approved), Canada (Natural Health Product approved), India, and Australia (TGA approved). CODEX listing is in progress, and regulatory processes for entry into new markets are ongoing.

Red drops of lipids in a petrie dish
Zooca® Calanus® oil is naturally rich in marine policosanols and omega-3 fatty acids.

Marianne Mæhlum

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer

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