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Bravo Marine underwater ROV system for cleaning fish farms

Advancing sustainable aquaculture, Bravo Marine has developed C-RAY, an underwater ROV that uses high water pressure to clean a fish farm’s entire infrastructure in one go.


The aquaculture industry is developing rapidly to meet the growing global demand for fish. Parasites and disease are some of the most pressing problems for fish farmers.

Biofouling, or the accumulation of microorganisms, plants or algae on the net-based cages, can increase the risk of disease due to the elevated presence of parasite pathogens associated with the fouling species. Unfortunately, traditional antifouling biocides can be harmful both to fish and the environment.

Improved conditions and better fish

Bravo Marine’s C-RAY® ROV combines specially designed rotating discs with a vacuum pump system to remove biofouling from fish farm infrastructure using high water pressure.

C-RAY can clean round or curved surfaces (flexible arms) and flat surfaces (fixed arms). Fish can remain in the cage during the cleaning procedure. Washed-off material can be collected via a vacuum pump and stored on a boat, improving overall fish welfare.


Concrete benefits

Bravo Marine’s system provides effective cleaning of submerged elements of fish farm infrastructure. C-RAY® is designed for intuitive control, easy maintenance and easy cleaning. It is efficient, and maintenance costs are low as there is only one device. Because C-RAY is remotely controlled by an ROV pilot, it also promotes better working conditions and safer operations.

Market potential

With rapid expansion of the aquaculture industry, coupled with the tightening of legislation on the use of antifouling biocides, the problems of fish farm biofouling are increasing and need to be addressed with environment-friendly solutions .

Bravo Marine was founded in 2016 and plans to commercialise C-RAY® by the end of 2019. Based on the number of aquaculture facilities in Norway and C-RAY’s expected product lifetime and price, the company estimates the annual market potential to be USD 100–150 million.

Zero hunger

2. Zero hunger

About the goal

C-RAY® will promote sustainable fish production and contribute to global food security.

Responsible consumption and production

12. Responsible consumption and production

About the goal

C-RAY® will help to make the aquaculture industry greener and can be used to clean new designs such as offshore fish farms.

Life below water

14. Life below water

About the goal

C-RAY® will reduce marine pollution from fish farm biofouling.

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Flotmyrgata 123, 5527 HAUGESUND, Norway

Leonard Detz

Managing Director

+47 941 59 880

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