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Borregaard's plant-based vanillin replaces oil-based alternatives

Published 15 Dec 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

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At a glance

  • EuroVanillin Supreme is the only vanillin made from wood
  • EuroVanillin Supreme’s aroma profile is unique in the market
  • EuroVanillin Supreme has an intensity which is around 20% stronger than vanillin made from petroleum

EuroVanillin Supreme is a naturally derived bio-based vanillin made using Norway spruce – a natural and sustainable raw material. It has a smooth aromatic profile and is a sustainable substitute for oil-based vanillin.

In a market dominated by oil-based vanillin and very high vanilla bean prices, there is a need for a bio-based alternative to replace petroleum-derived ingredients. The world market is constituted of approximately 0.5 per cent natural vanillin from the vanilla bean, 11.5 per cent bio-based vanillin and 88 per cent oil-based vanillin.

Vanillin from sustainable wood

Vanillin is one of the world’s most popular flavours. EuroVanillin Supreme provides the market with a unique and highly effective flavouring, aroma and preservative. It is primarily used to add vanilla flavour but also to mask or boost other flavours. It is also used as a preservative in cosmetics and for fragrances, perfumes, animal feed, cleaning products and as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry.

EuroVanillin Supreme was developed by Borregaard – an innovator in bio-based products and operator of the world’s most advanced biorefinery.

Concrete benefits

The molecule of EuroVanillin Supreme is in itself exactly the same as that of guaiacol-based vanillin synthesised from crude oil. However, because it is a vanillin made from Norwegian spruce, small quantities of other aromatic compounds are also present in the finished product. This is the reason both for the wider and smoother aromatic profile and for the higher intensity of EuroVanillin Supreme compared to guaiacol-based vanillin.

The CO₂ emissions from production of EuroVanillin Supreme are 90 per cent lower than from production of guaiacol-based vanillin. The climate impact of EuroVanillin Supreme is thus much smaller, irrespective of where the guaiacol-based vanillin is produced.

EuroVanillin Supreme is defined as a “derived natural ingredient” for cosmetics and personal care according to the international standard ISO 16128-1.

Market potential

Vanillin is widely used throughout the world. The vanillin market is currently around 20 000 metric tons. The majority of vanillin products are oil-based and EuroVanillin Supreme is a sustainable substitute. Market research has estimated that the bio-vanillin market will reach USD 205 million by 2025.

EuroVanillin Supreme has been produced in Norway since 1962. Borregaard is currently the world’s only producer of bio-based vanillin made from wood.


Kurt Ove Von Husby

Market & Sales Director, EuroVanillin

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