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Blueye Robotics underwater drones for ocean inspection and exploration

Published 23 Mar 2023 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Underwater drone that provides HD video footage at depths down to 150 meters
  • Greatly reduces the costs of underwater inspection and exploration
  • Numerous applications for both private and professional markets

Blueye Robotics delivers drones for complex underwater operations, making shipping, aquaculture and underwater exploration more efficient.

The ocean is home to most living species on Earth and is a vital resource for food, energy and transport. Factors such as climate change, overfishing and pollution, however, have had a severe impact on ocean life.

Studying this impact using traditional methods is expensive and challenging. This is especially problematic for industries that depend on ocean inspection and mapping, as well as for scientists who rely on diving expeditions for data collection.

Making the ocean accessible

Blueye Pioneer underwater drones are an attainable, cost-effective method of ocean exploration. They are controlled via a smartphone app and are easy to pilot, even for non-professional users. Powerful thrusters and LED lights enable the drones to dive to a depth of 150 meters and transmit video under low-light conditions, allowing users to record and share video from their dives.

Blueye Pioneer enables aquaculture industries, shipping industries and marinas to efficiently conduct routine underwater inspections, while scientists and explorers can safely monitor marine wildlife and map the seabed. In addition, Blueye Pioneer can reach into places that are inaccessible to humans, providing visual records of undersea hazards, collisions and damage. This information is vital for accident investigation and prevention.

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Concrete benefits

Underwater drones from Blueye Robotics save time and money for a wide range of underwater operations. They cut diving hours in underwater construction projects, reduce risk in aquaculture, and improve vessel maintenance for the shipping industry. They also help to perform environmental monitoring and research, as well as assisting near-shore inspections in ports and marinas.

Market potential

The market for underwater inspection and exploration is rapidly expanding, particularly in shipping and aquaculture.

Profitability in the marine industries depends on maximising both safety and efficiency. Blueye Pioneer reduces the short-term costs and risks of inspection and the long-term costs of low efficiency and system malfunction. Blueye Pioneer is also accessible to private markets, and opens up vast new possibilities for educational programmes about ocean health and sustainability.

Founded in Norway in 2015, Blueye has over 20 employees, including engineers, robotics experts, firmware developers, designers and management professionals.

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Christian Gabrielsen

CFO and Interim CEO

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