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More meals to the table with autonomous fish feeding from CageEye

CageEye’s autonomous feeding solution combines hydroacoustics and machine learning to optimise feeding and promote efficient and sustainable aquaculture.


At a glance

  • Autonomous feeding system gives fish the right amount of feed at the right time
  • Uses hydroacoustics and machine learning to identify ideal feeding patterns
  • Improves fish health and growth, reduces feed waste and increases yields

Solution status


Fish farmers have traditionally relied on their extensive experience and intuition when feeding. But at modern fish farms with over 200 000 salmon in a single pen, technological tools are needed to ensure precise and efficient feeding.

Current underwater monitoring solutions, however, have limited coverage, do not collect data or perform analysis, and are dependent on adequate light conditions and good water quality for decent visuals.

This can result in inefficient feeding , which in turn can lead to poor fish health, welfare and growth, and significant feed waste. It can also be a factor in biomass loss.

Autonomous feeding system for optimal feeding

CageEye’s autonomous feeding solution, called Echofeeding, uses hydroacoustic sensors to provide a full overview of the underwater situation and monitor the behaviour of the entire fish biomass, independent of visibility conditions.

Advanced machine learning algorithms use this data to objectively measure fish appetite. The system then automatically controls and adjusts feeding to optimise production, ensuring that fish are only fed when they are hungry. While the computer figures out the optimal feeding, a human operator interacts with the system.

The Echofeeding hardware is an easy-to-install, plug-and-play system. It is suitable for remote operations and can be integrated with external feeding systems or existing camera systems. The system is self-cleaning, for minimal maintenance.


CageEye hydroacoustic sensor.

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