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Bliksund brings the digital revolution to ambulances

Bliksund improves patient safety in ambulances with its electronic patient record solution, EWA. “We add a puzzle piece to the continuum of care puzzle and bring digital efficiency to emergency medical services. Ultimately, the quality of patient care is our highest priority,” says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Bliksund. EWA has been selected by all of Norway’s ambulance services.Published 13 Dec 2022 (updated 22 Apr 2024) · 3 min read
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  • Electronic patient record solution
  • Increases efficiency in the emergency care chain
  • Improves patient safety and quality of care

Imagine a loved one becomes critically ill and needs ambulance transport. When the paramedics arrive, they know nothing about the patient’s condition. While they work to keep the patient alive en route to hospital, they record vital patient data manually and communicate with the emergency department by phone.

“Even in our digital age, this is a common scenario for ambulance personnel in many countries. We must do better for our patients,” says Morstøl .

Digital cooperation means better patient care

Bliksund’s EWA is an electronic patient record solution for ambulances and other emergency services. EWA enables staff in the emergency care chain to share digital patient data, improving patient safety.

Emergency departments can view the status and electronic records of incoming patients in real-time. This allows staff to triage patients and prepare appropriate treatment teams.

Video consultation and chat are integrated into EWA, giving emergency workers an efficient way to access expert medical advice for specialised treatment, make better decisions and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

“It’s all about digital cooperation – sharing patient data amongst all the players involved. The data flows seamlessly from one end to the other, from dispatchers and paramedics to hospital personnel. We help all parts of the emergency care chain to work together,” says Morstøl.

EWA consists of a tablet-based app for use in ambulances, a real-time display in emergency departments and a medical record server for secure storage of patient data. The system also integrates with emergency medical communication centres (EMCC).

Female paramedic in a red suit working at a tablet and male patient on a gurney
EWA is an electronic patient record solution for ambulances and other emergency services that has been fine-tuned for emergency personnel.

Paramedics give design input

EWA is finely honed to meet the needs of emergency personnel, thanks to feedback from emergency care workers. “We are more than an IT company. Our employees have knowledge from the field. For example, we have a doctor with experience from medical logistics in the UN and air ambulance services. In addition, we work closely with our users on a day-to-day basis to understand their work processes and be attuned to their needs,” says Morstøl.

It is not surprising, then, that Bliksund won a national tender to provide digital solutions to all of Norway’s ambulance services, including the air ambulance.

“Our solution is built on the latest technologies and is the most user friendly, the most advanced and the easiest to integrate with other systems. This is why we won the competition,” says Morstøl.

She reports that their users are happy as well. “They say that their work lives have improved. They get more consistent patient data and save time filling in records. The information is legible, and the quality of data is high,” she adds.

In addition, the patient’s vitals, such as oxygen level, and EKG results are entered into the system automatically, which frees ambulance personnel to focus on the patient.

Pioneer in digitalised emergency care

The EU and European NGOs have long promoted the development of electronic health record systems. The global market for such systems is projected to reach USD 47 billion by 2027.

Established in 2010, Bliksund has been at the forefront of digitalising emergency medical services in Norway. Over the past few years, it has become a leading provider of digital solutions to emergency services internationally.

Alongside its flagship product, EWA, the portfolio includes GRID, an operational management system designed to streamline processes by replacing paper and disparate IT systems with a unified digital platform. It also includes IncidentShare, a live video solution that enhances control and situational awareness during emergencies.

Recently, Bliksund acquired Moditech, a Dutch company renowned for its innovative crash recovery system, further strengthening Bliksund’s offering to the emergency services.

“Our mission is to help those who help others. We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of the digital revolution in emergency care,” concludes Morstøl.



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Janne T. Morstøl


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