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Biovotec’s advanced wound care is made from eggshell membrane

Published 1 Dec 2022 (updated 7 May 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Next-generation wound dressing made from eggshell membrane protein
  • Substantially less expensive than alternatives currently on the market
  • Helps to create a circular economy

Taking part in the circular economy, Biovotec has developed high-quality, cost-competitive products for treating chronic wounds using eggshell membrane discarded by the food industry.

The cost of chronic wound care is a major item on healthcare budgets around the world. Unfortunately, the current best clinical options for chronic wound treatment, such as collagen-containing products, are not cost effective.

Circular economy healthcare

Biovotec has developed two game-changing wound dressings – that is, sterile compresses – based on biomaterial derived from eggshell membrane (ESM). These membranes are otherwise treated as waste in the food industry.

The modified form of ESM is called purified eggshell membrane protein (PEP). PEP™ is a risk-free raw material for wound treatment, as opposed to animal-based proteins such as collagens. The latter require rigorous testing to ensure they hold no risk of contamination for humans, including for mad cow disease.

By using PEP to create wound dressings, Biovotec can create a low-cost, high-quality alternative to other wound treatments, and – at the same time – become part of a circular economy.

Concrete benefits

Biovotec’s first wound dressing, DermaRep™, is set to become the benchmark in the 2D wound-healing market. It is more than 50 per cent cheaper than existing collagen-based products such as Promogran (Acelity), and as effective.

The second wound dressing, DEEPCURE, is being developed for treatment of deep and severe wounds and burns. When launched, it will open a new market segment of low-cost 3D healing products.

Market potential

Biovotec’s products will compete in the advanced wound dressings and wound biologics categories of the wound care market. The addressable market is in the range of USD 1.6 billion per year, and Biovotec is aiming to capture several per cent of the European and US markets by 2026.

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