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Bergen Engines delivers hybrid power solutions based on gas engines

Bergen Engines offers hybrid power solutions for marine applications, stationary power supply and combined heat and power applications, combining its Bergen gas engines with renewable energy sources or batteries to reduce carbon emissions.Published 26 Oct 2022 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read

Quick information

At a glance

  • Self-contained hybrid power generation systems for ocean industries and other applications
  • Reduced power consumption compared to conventional diesel engines
  • Cost-effective installation, running costs and maintenance

Fully electric engines are not yet a commercially viable option for many types of commercial machinery. Natural gas has an important role to play as a transition fuel in combating climate change.

Gas engines in hybrid systems

Bergen Engines offers medium-speed engines that can operate in combination with battery or renewable energy sources in a hybrid system such as a microgrid, thus reducing overall carbon emissions. The engines can be fuelled by natural gas – a more environmentally friendly alternative to heavy oil or diesel.

Medium-speed engines increase fuel efficiency and provide continuous power supply for marine and land-based operations with quick ramp-up and ramp-down time to support backup power and grid fluctuations. The engines minimise derating resulting from variations in temperature, altitude and part load operation.

Although the engines are primarily used to generate power for marine operations and power stations in high-demand areas, they are capable of generating power in remote areas to support incomplete grids. They can also be used in greenhouses, where the surplus energy can be used for heat and the released carbon dioxide can be cleaned and used to increase plant growth.


Concrete benefits

The Bergen gas engines are a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel engines. In comparison, they reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 30 per cent, nitrogen oxide by 92 per cent, sulfur oxide and particulates by 99 per cent, and methane (a particularly problematic greenhouse gas) by 20 per cent.

Bergen Engines can provide quick delivery and installation within 12 months from order confirmation, aftermarket service and support, and economical maintenance by trained service engineers.

Market potential

The demand for fuel-based power production continues to grow, despite the environmental impact of carbon emissions. Bergen Engines delivers cost-effective, greener alternatives to conventional diesel engines using hybrid technology.

Bergen Engines is part of the Langley Holdings group, supplying and servicing medium-speed gas and liquid fuel engines. The company’s engine portfolio extends from 1 400 kW to 12 000 kW, and complete power systems can deliver an output of 200 MWe and beyond for a broad range of power generation applications worldwide.



Hordvikneset 125, 5108 HORDVIK, Norway


Vidar Rasmussen

Sales Director & Business Development

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