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Automasjon & Data’s helideck monitoring systems prevent accidents

Published 6 Oct 2022 (updated 31 May 2024) · 3 min read
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At a glance

  • Helideck monitoring systems for offshore wind
  • Certified to meet international aviation standards
  • Improves worker safety and operational efficiency

Automasjon & Data delivers helideck monitoring systems for offshore wind farms, increasing worker safety while reducing operational costs. “Our state-of-the-art systems are making the offshore wind industry safer and more profitable,” says Jon Arne Silgjerd, Sales and Business Development Director at Automasjon & Data.

Helicopters are an integral part of offshore wind operations. They are used to transport crew members, move equipment, conduct rescue operations and help in turbine maintenance.

They are also exposed to all kinds of weather. Lightning, high winds, waves and decreased visibility pose huge risks to helicopter pilots and other offshore workers.

“Helideck monitoring saves lives and spares equipment from damage. This is precisely why such monitoring is required under international aviation law,” says Silgjerd.

Helideck monitoring ensures high safety standards

Automasjon & Data delivers helideck monitoring systems for offshore wind farm substations and similar applications. Using sensors and data programs, they ensure safe offshore helicopter operations.

The systems are built to comply with all known regulations worldwide. Most notably, this includes the CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas under the UN Convention on International Civil Aviation (CCA).

“We are one of a few companies worldwide to be certified under CAP 437 to provide helideck monitoring systems. These are tough safety regulations,” explains Silgjerd.

The systems can measure wind, temperature, barometric pressure, sea currents, waves and other parameters essential for offshore users. They provide pre-flight information for flight planning and real-time data on prevailing conditions. Moreover, crucial data is sent electronically to other users, both offshore and on shore.

helideck monitoring systems

Automasjon & Data protects pilots from storms

Helideck monitoring systems ensure the safest possible conditions for helicopter crews and other offshore workers. “Our systems prevent helicopters from being deployed when environmental conditions are too dangerous,” says Silgjerd.

This translates into operational efficiency as well. Good flight decisions result in optimal performance and less waste of time, mileage and fuel.

Automasjon & Data stands out for its extensive experience – 10 years in the offshore wind industry and 30 years in the offshore sector.

“We have a sound basis for choosing the right equipment and methods of measurement. We know how to install equipment that will survive for many years in rough conditions and provide the right data to extend the life of assets,” says Silgjerd.

Present in all major oceans

Most offshore wind farms require a helideck, generally on the substation, to provide efficient transport alternatives. Therefore, the demand for monitoring systems will grow with the industry. And the growth promises to be enormous. In fact, the global offshore wind energy market is expected to surpass USD 129 billion by 2030.

“Our business is rapidly expanding. We have only a handful of competitors, and nobody has more experience than we do. Right now we have more than 300 systems operating around the world, in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans,” he says.

Automasjon & Data is part of the WISE Group, a complete system house for developing and building meteorological, oceanographic and motion data systems. The main products are weather stations, environmental monitoring systems and helideck monitoring systems for offshore, marine and other demanding applications.

Jon Arne Silgjerd

Sales and Business Development Director

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