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AquaFence deployable flood mitigation systems

The FloodWall from AquaFence protects buildings, cities and people from flooding and is an environment-friendly alternative to sandbags.

Aquafence set up in parking lot

Secure flood barriers are important for cities worldwide that are prone to flooding. For the most part, sandbags are used for flood protection and water diversion today. However, sandbags are heavy, awkward to carry and seep water even when well-stacked. Because they may become contaminated by flood water, they are often used only once before being disposed as biowaste. Moreover, sandbags usually require heavy machinery to dig up and transport the sand, which generates significant carbon emissions.

Reusable flood barrier

The FloodWall is a portable flood barrier constructed of marine-grade laminate panels. The barrier is based on the patented AquaFence technology, which uses the strength of the flood water as a stabiliser. The fence is engineered with edge reinforcements, structural supports and flexible membranes for maximum performance and design flexibility.

Although the cost of initial deployment is comparable to sandbags, AquaFence may be reused up to 60 times.

Concrete benefits

AquaFence can completely replace sandbags, which are generally used only once before being disposed as biowaste. A 100-metre-long and 1.2-metre-high FloodWall perimeter is equivalent to 25 500 sandbags. The sandbags will generate 459 metric tons of contaminated waste after a flood, enough to fill 32 dump trucks.

AquaFence also reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the transportation and logistics for deploying sandbags at flood sites.

AquaFence panels are quick and easy to install. A team of four people can install about 100 metres per hour. For larger projects, a crew of 12 is recommended.

Moreover, by avoiding flood destruction, AquaFence also eliminates the need for rebuilding, thereby reducing use of new materials.

Market potential

The market for flood protection systems will continue to grow as global warming gives rise to more and more extreme weather.

AquaFence has developed its deployable flood mitigation systems in cooperation with national and international flood protection programmes for the past 15 years.

The company has commercial and municipal customers in Asia, Europe and the US. In the US alone, AquaFence removable flood panels are protecting more than USD 10 billion worth of real estate, as well as cities and public utilities.

Aquafence holding out water from garage
Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

About the goal

AquaFence can help to make cities and communities more flood resilient.

Life on land

15. Life on land

About the goal

AquaFence can reduce biowaste by eliminating use of sandbags.

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