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Antec Biogas plants are a game-changer for biogas production

Antec Biogas' reactors produce biogas 70 per cent faster than conventional reactors, helping to make biogas a competitive energy source.Published 23 Mar 2023 (updated 7 Feb 2024) · 2 min read
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Households, industries and agriculture across the world struggle to manage record levels of waste.

Meanwhile, organic waste is a vastly underused source of energy, at a time where the world needs green energy at competitive prices.

Today, producing biogas from waste is relatively expensive. Due to economies of scale, it tends only to be done at large plants. Current technology is, moreover, about 40 years old, so the industry is ripe for innovation.

Cost-effective biogas reactors

Biogas production solves waste challenges and creates clean energy. And with new technology from Antec Biogas, vast energy resources can be extracted from biological waste at a competitive cost.

Antec Biogas’ biofilm and “plug and flow” technology provide an improved fermentation process and extracts more biogas from the same amount of waste.

Because of this, Antec’s biofilm reactors produce biogas in a third of the time conventional reactors use. Lowering production time like this gives a cost per KWh which is competitive to other energy sources.

Antec Biogas’ reactors are small and nimble but can also be grouped together for larger plants. This means that the production process can be adapted for different purposes and a variety of needs. An Antec Biogas plant can handle from 1 500 to more than 100 000 metric tons of biomass per year.

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Biogas reactor delivered at the plant at the School of Agriculture at Prestseter in eastern Norway. The reactor has a capacity of 3 000 metric tons of manure and vegetable waste from farm production.

Concrete benefits

Antec produces biogas at a low cost per KWh and three times faster than competing solutions.

The reactors help wastewater plants to handle sewage sludge, cities to handle household waste, manufacturers to handle organic industrial waste and farmers to handle agricultural waste. They are also suitable for a range of other users.

At the same time, the reactors produce clean energy. The same technology can be used across the world, in cities or rural areas to produce energy locally from organic waste.

Market potential

The market for biogas production is global, as is the access to waste resources and the need for local sources of clean energy.

Antec Biogas was established in 2014. The company won SINTEF's Green Energy Innovation Award 2016. At the beginning of 2019, a major part of the planned biogas plants in Norway are set to use Antec’s technology.

At a glance

  • New technology for making biogas production cost-effective
  • Produces biogas 70% faster than conventional reactors
  • hree small-scale plants in operation in Norway

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Affordable and clean energy

7. Affordable and clean energy

About the goal

Biogas production creates green energy from organic sources and waste. Antec Biogas helps to make biogas production commercially viable.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

About the goal

Biogas can be a substitute for fossil energy and fuels, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industry and agriculture.

Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

About the goal

Through biogas production, organic waste from households is recycled into clean energy, making communities more self-reliant while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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