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Aker BioMarine harnesses the nutritional power of krill

Published 5 June 2024 · 3 min read
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Quick information

  • Available
  • Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania

At a glance

  • Krill-based feed and nutritional products
  • Made from sustainably sourced, renewable krill
  • Provides vital nutrients while protecting the planet

Aker BioMarine is the world’s leading supplier of krill, a natural, renewable source of nutrients from the waters of Antarctica. “Our purpose is to bring more sustainable food into the world for human, animal and planetary health,” says Pål Skogrand, VP Policy and Impact at Aker BioMarine.


Almost one-in-ten people in the world do not get enough to eat. The fight against hunger focuses on sufficient energy intake – enough calories per person per day. But it is not the only factor that matters for a healthy diet. Sufficient proteins, fats and micronutrients are also essential.

“Feeding the world’s growing population increasingly demands resource-efficient, low-carbon food production systems. Moreover, there is a clear need to think beyond animal and land-based food in the food system. In the future, more food will need to be ‘blue’,” explains Skogrand.


Sustainable krill harvesting and production

Aker BioMarine supplies the world with krill, a tiny crustacean rich in protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids. The company covers the entire supply chain – from krill harvesting through product development to krill oil manufacturing.

The company sells its krill-based ingredients for use in aquaculture, animal feed and human nutritional supplements. Among its product lines are QRILL Aqua, QRILL Pet and SUPERBA Krill, a krill oil with essential omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and other nutrients shown to improve human health.

Aker BioMarine puts sustainable fishing front and centre. “The biomass of krill is so large that we regard it as a renewable food resource. When harvesting krill, we take less than 1 per cent from any given area,” states Skogrand.

The company’s Antarctic krill fishery has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and has received an “A” rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

krill swarm
Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill fishery has been certified as sustainable. When harvesting krill, the company takes less than 1% from any given area.


New drone reduces emissions at sea

To further optimise operations, Aker BioMarine has acquired the Mariner USV, an unmanned surface vessel. Delivered by Maritime Robotics, the six-metre-long vessel with sensors is used to search for krill and gather data for research and population mapping.

Simply explained, information such as weather data and satellite images indicate to the crew on board the fishing boats where there might be krill. Based on this, the USV is sent out to confirm if in fact the krill is there. If the USV confirms the presence of krill, fishing boats will be sent out.

“The drone saves us time searching for krill and, most importantly, helps us to avoid unnecessary emissions. The solar-powered drone runs uses 99 per cent less fuel than a large fishing boat,” says Skogrand.

Unmanned surface vessel sailing in the ocean
Aker BioMarine uses a USV from Maritime Robotics to search for krill and gather data for research and population mapping.


Demand for krill set to increase dramatically

The global Antarctic krill market, estimated at USD 1.6 billion in 2023, is projected to increase to USD 4.8 billion by 2033. In this regard, Aker BioMarine is a major player.

“We ship our products to customers worldwide. All of the big feed companies are on our customer list, and in terms of volume, the largest share goes to aquaculture. We see big business in krill oil as well,” says Skogrand.

Aker BioMarine won the prestigious Norwegian Export Award in 2024. The jury found that the company has established itself as the world’s leading exporter of a new raw material on the global market.

Person with blue gloves testing red liquid in a lab
Aker BioMarine manufactures krill-based ingredients for use in aquaculture, animal feed and human nutritional supplements rich in Omega-3.

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