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GreenCap Solutions: The next frontier in carbon capture

GreenCap Solutions has developed and demonstrated a novel, fully sustainable, carbon capture technology.
GreenCap solutions

GreenCap Solutions uses a solid adsorbent DAC (Direct air capture) design based on a non-functionalized commercially available AI-SI microporous zeolite. Zeolite adsorption beds utilise physisorption which faces different challenges in capturing CO2, but do not suffer from problems associated with amines such as potential degradation of chemicals and subsequent production of toxic substances. Lifetime for zeolite adsorbent in these applications is up to 10years.

The GreenCap Solutions DAC system starts with air being drawn in by a fan and this incoming air is dehydrated and then cooled to temperatures between minus 30 tominus 40degrees Celsius. Carbon dioxide is adsorbed as it passes through the zeolite bed until the bed is saturated. To regenerate the bed and release the captured CO2, a temperature of 200degree Celsius is applied. This process is energy demanding, but demand is offset by the use of waste heat. A full adsorption/desorption cycle usually takes 20hours, with two cycles run in opposite directions simultaneously to enable CO2 production. The company uses a fully electric system, utilising heat pumps and waste energy.

Increases yield and stops emissions

The benefits of using the GreenCap Solutions technology are many. For Agtech, installing the DAC and ECS technology represent a solution in which can significantly increaseproduction yields, reduce water consumption, lower energy consumption, and stop emissions. For industry, switching to a fully sustainable CO2 source will have significantly environmental impact inmaking all products environmentally friendly, stop emissions and convert into a net zero regime. While for DAC farming the removal of already emitted CO2 concentrations will reduce the overall global CO2concentration and help make the future targets for net zero by 2050.

Market potential

Following today stated policies, IEA (International Energy Agency) has presented a graph that shows an estimated need for CO2 capture by 2040 to total around 35billion tonnes, of which around 9% (3,15billion) needs to come from DAC – on an annual basis.

About the company

GreenCap Solutions is an environmental technology company founded in 2016, by the three founderswith extensive carbon capture experience in close collaboration with industrial group BR Industrier.GreenCap Solutions completed its proof-of-concept pilot in 2019, combining DAC with greenhouseclimate control. The first commercial project was delivered in 2022. In 2023, GreenCap Solutions openedits Z50 DAC demonstration plant with a carbon dioxide removal capacity of 50TPA (tonnes per annum).