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Digiforms Designer is the standard graphical XSL-FO Design tool

Metafocus has developed a No-Code & Low-Code tool for document (PDF) production.
Digitforms overview

XSL-FO is a requested format when it comes to merging your data into good looking PDF documents. However, finding a graphical editor which adheres to the XSL-FO standard and allows the user to be self-reliant is, if not impossible, difficult to find. Metafocus’ customers normally have thousands of documents which are constantly changing. A standard XSL-FO software enabling each specialist department to be self-reliant is crucial for them.

Easy to use

The Digiforms software will make it easy for end users to design new documents as well as maintain existing. The user barrier is low, meaning it is easy to introduce the tool for different people with different roles in different parts of the organisation. In addition, it is proven to be easily integrated in the flow control of the organisation.

“Our choice fell on Digiforms Designer when looking for an XSL - FO tool replacing our existing and now unsupported editor (XSL fast). It soon became clear that this was a mature tool, with over 20 years on the market it solves our challenges in a standard manner. Also, Metafocus developed functions for transforming existing templates to Digiforms templates enabling a smooth transition” says Hannes Grasser, application manager of Agrarmarkt.

Flexible software

The Digiforms Document Designer is a No-Code & Low-Code tool which generates standard XSL-FO code behind the scenes, and easily includes customer data leaving the user to focus on customized document (PDF) production. The Designer uses the FOP renderer (Apache(tm) FOP - a print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and an output independent formatter.) by default, but the software is flexible where other renderers such as RenderX (XSL-FO, XML to PDF, PostScript, AFP, HTML, SVG, Print - RenderX) has been proven to function well.

Great potential

With great international market demand for a graphical design tool producing standard XSL-FO, annual license growth of 25% per year over the next 5-year period is predicted. The other core part of the Digiforms platform, Digiforms Server, provides among other a template repository and the HTML format out of the box. This combined offer enables digital transition and thereby increases the potential even further.

About the company

Metafocus is a 20-year-old Norwegian software company with a European customer base. Digiforms® software represents the standard in its segments with a low-code and no-code approach. In the coming years, Metafocus will invest further in Europe with a focus on German-speaking countries due to market demand.