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Floating offshore wind turbine on the horizon with large wave in the foreground

Japan Wind Energy 2024 Conference & Exhibition

Updated at 25 June 2024


Join Team Norway in Japan in October!
We are going to

Japan's offshore wind market is experiencing significant growth and transformation, with the government setting ambitious targets and implementing new policies to encourage development. By 2030, Japan aims to install 10 GW of offshore wind capacity, with plans to expand this to 20-35 GW by 2040.

Recent auction rounds have seen diverse participation from both Japanese and foreign companies. The winners included major consortia like JERA, Mitsui, and Sumitomo, often in partnership with international firms like RWE and Iberdrola.

The upcoming Round 3 auctions, scheduled for bid submissions by July 2024, will cover the Sea of Japan and Yuza areas, aiming to add another 1.05 GW of capacity. These auctions are expected to continue diversifying the market and bringing in more foreign investment.In addition to fixed-bottom turbines, Japan is exploring the potential of floating offshore wind farms, particularly in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The government is preparing legislation to facilitate the development of these projects, with a specific focus on overcoming regulatory and logistical challenges.

Value for companies

  • Gain insights on the impact of the Japanese offshore energy value chain and how it sparks new technology to the industry players.
  • Be part of the Team Norway at the Norway-Japan Offshore Wind Forum to showcase and demonstrate your technologies and services to connections that matter to your business towards Japanese offshore wind industrial partners.
  • Strengthen your company presence and visibility in the industry with Norway’s reputation in Offshore technology.
  • Meet and network in-person with access to top-level for business exchanges with key industry professionals and potential buyers.

Team Norway activities during business seeking mission to Japan

We are planning B2B meetings for our delegates and meetings with developers and industrial key suppliers will be arranged.

Team Norway plans to organize a “Norway-Japan Offshore Wind Forum” to present the Norwegian companies and technologies. This will also include a networking event.

Team Norway and the participating delegates have been given a discounted price to participate as delegate at

This discounted price is valid until 20th August 2024. Please show your interest in participating before this date to get the special price. When signing up, we will direct you to the event organizer and sign-up and payment will be directly with them.


Japan Wind Energy 2024 Conference & Exhibition

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