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Time to market: different solutions for establishing a data centre

Norway offers different solutions for your data centre depending on your time schedule and to what degree you wish to manage the entire process of establishment yourself. Published 9 Sep 2023 (updated 3 Apr 2024) · 2 min read
Inside a data centre

The time from making an investment decision until the start-up of the service delivery in a data centre is getting shorter and shorter and, in many cases, this will determine the desired solution.

If a short time to market is your key preference, it is possible to acquire either a ready-to-build site that already has electricity and fibre access or simply buy a service from a colocation actor that offers build-to-suit solutions. One could also combine those solutions for those with a short long-term strategy.

For those who want to control the whole process and have more time to build their own data centre, this guide will give you more information about the relevant regulatory and licence processes and timeline.

Three different segments and solutions

In the following we distinguish between different segments and solutions depending on when the data centre capacity needs to be available:

  1. Data centre as a service: ready within 3-6 months from time of decision
  2. Build-to-suit or ready-to-build: ready within 6-24 months from the time of decision
  3. Build your own: ready after 24 months from the time of decision

List of colos/wholesale providers in Norway

For relevant greenfield and brownfield sites, see Invest in Norway’s Site Finder.

Complete how-to guide