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AutoGlove makes disposable gloves reusable

Published 2 Dec 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read

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  • Method for quickly donning, removing and disinfecting disposable gloves
  • Improves employee efficiency and hand hygiene compliance
  • Cuts disposable glove waste by up to 70%

AutoGlove disinfects latex and nitrile gloves and makes them convenient to reuse, saving time and reducing waste by up to 70 per cent.

Billions of single-use latex and nitrile gloves are used annually in medical, food processing, sanitation, oil and gas, automotive and manufacturing applications. The US food industry alone uses roughly 30 billion disposable gloves per year.

Almost all single-use gloves end up in a landfill, where nitrile gloves can take over a century to biodegrade. Even gloves made from latex – a natural rubber – can take years to break down due to chemical additives. Discarded gloves may end up as marine and land debris, risking ingestion by wildlife. Furthermore, the production and transport of disposable gloves increase carbon emissions.

Disinfecting disposable gloves with UV light

AutoGlove’s technology enables fast donning, removal and disinfection of disposable gloves between uses. Each employee’s personal set of gloves is mounted on special rings that are fitted into the apparatus.

Touch-free sensors and a vacuum pump allow the employee to don and doff their gloves in just seconds, by simply inserting their hands into the AutoGlove chamber. While in the machine, the gloves are treated with UV-C light at 254 nm, which is the optimal wavelength for eliminating viruses, bacteria, algae and parasites. UV-C light has been used for decades to treat surfaces and equipment at hospitals, laboratories and food service establishments. It is now also being employed in the fight against COVID-19.


Concrete benefits

In today’s world, good hand hygiene and good gloving practice are of utmost importance. Healthcare, food and other industries must satisfy stringent regulations relating to viral and bacterial contamination.

AutoGlove facilitates compliance by making it easier and faster for personnel to switch gloves between different hygiene zones in laboratories and food service establishments.

Furthermore, AutoGlove reduces latex and nitrile waste by up to 70 per cent. Reusing single-use gloves also reduces extraction of raw materials, chemical use, and fossil fuel consumption and related emissions.

Market potential

Over USD 6.7 billion was spent globally on disposable gloves in 2019, with exponential growth after the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. The implementation of AutoGlove has the potential to save huge sums in disposable glove purchasing. AutoGlove also has the potential to ease shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) during pandemics.

Independent laboratory test results have verified significant destruction of pathogenic bacteria on nitrile and latex gloves treated with AutoGlove. All components used in the AutoGlove apparatus comply with ISO 13849-1 and ISO 13.110 Safety of Machinery. The product is CE marked for sale in the European Single Market.

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