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Miros wave sensor makes ship operations safer and more efficient

The Miros RangeFinder Motion monitors wave height and several other environmental indicators. It improves operability for ships and floating installations by up to 15 per cent.

Miros wave sensor

At a glance

  • Standalone sensor for measuring waves, tides, airgap and draught
  • Increases safety and improves operability by up to 15%
  • Can deliver reliable data to any device, on or offshore

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Shipping and other offshore operations are restricted by weather conditions. Outside of strictly set limits, the vessels are not allowed to operate for the sake of personnel and asset safety.

These restrictions, however, are often predetermined. This leads to offshore traffic not running even when conditions turn out to be safe.

Moreover, without the proper information unnecessary trips may be made to the assets, thereby increasing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Wave-monitoring sensor

Miros has developed the RangeFinder Motion, a standalone sensor fitted on ships and offshore installations. The sensor provides accurate, real-time measurements of environmental conditions.

The RangeFinder Motion operates with millimetre accuracy in all weather conditions. It tracks motion-compensated airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave heights.

The sensor is specifically designed to be mounted on floating assets and is the only DNV GL-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring.

The sensors are, moreover, cloud-integrated, meaning that they can deliver reliable data to any device, on or offshore.

Concrete benefits

The RangeFinder Motion allows ships and other offshore assets to operate safely closer to their operational limits. Deploying the sensor can increase operability by up to 15 per cent.

By delivering real-time data to any device, as well as historical weather data, the system allows ship operators to make better and more informed decisions.

The system also saves ships from making unnecessary trips, thereby reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Market potential

Measuring local environmental conditions is critical for the planning and execution of any offshore operation, from shipping to oil and gas and offshore wind.

Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. The company has provided sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industries for more than 35 years and has a presence in 28 countries around the world.

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Hildur Smaradottir

Hildur Smaradottir

Chief Commercial Officer

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