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Green Waves’ smart electric powertrain for small boats

Green Waves delivers fully electric propulsion systems for leisure and small commercial boats. “Our systems provide a smart boating experience free from noise, fumes and maintenance,” says Ida Salomonsen, CEO and co-founder of Green Waves.

A small electric boat driving in front of old white houses

Many Europeans drive their electric vehicles (EVs) to the pier, only to board a fossil fuel-powered boat for work or pleasure. What’s going on?

Until now, concerns about speed, range and price have impeded the adoption of e-boats, but this is changing quickly thanks to companies such as Green Waves. Within a decade, small electric boats will be as common in Europe as electric cars.

“We need solutions for everyone, not just for those who can afford it. When we do this, we make choosing electric a realistic choice for the average boat user,” explains Salomonsen.

Zero-emission, plug-and-play electric powertrain

Green Waves has been delivering electric boating technology for several years. Its most recent innovation is First Wave X, a fully electric powertrain built for professional use in both freshwater and saltwater. The system is easy to install in new boats as well as existing boats.

“First Wave X is plug-and-play,” says Salomonsen. “This makes it easy and safe to install while protecting sensitive parts of the system. It’s also extremely durable, with robust waterproof connectors.”

Green Waves’ technology reduces the environmental impact of small vessels at sea. In addition, a quiet motor and lack of fumes make the boating experience much healthier and more enjoyable. Electric motors also require very little maintenance, which keeps operating costs low.

Rendering of a small green electric powertrain for boats
First Wave X 5kW electric powertrain from Green Waves for smaller commercial and leisure vessels.

First Wave X – digital technology boosts efficient operations

Green Waves’ systems are smart as well as green. “We focus on the software,” says Salomonsen. “Of course you need good-quality components, but software is the key to giving our customers added value. We can make operations more efficient and reduce risk.”

First Wave X comes with live monitoring and remote support, providing complete control over the system and location of the boat. It can also be delivered with geofencing, which includes an anti-theft function.

A smartphone app allows boat owners to monitor the system from anywhere in the world, as well as share boat access and manage and control charging. For fleet management, First Wave X provides live positions, state of charge, errors and remaining range of all boats in real time.

E-boat market set to accelerate

The global electric boat market is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, reaching USD 16.6 billion by 2031. This bodes well for Green Waves, which aims to be a leading provider of electric propulsion systems for smaller commercial and leisure vessels.

“Our core activity is to design and sell fully electric propulsion systems,” explains Salomonsen.

Green Waves already has a head start in this arena. Family owned and operated, the company has been the largest supplier of zero-emission leisure boats in Norway. Retrofits and sales of new boats featuring the First Wave X powertrain are now handled by its subsidiary, Green Waves Boats.

“Going forward the company will be focusing on the commercial market,” she concludes.

Rendering of a small green electric powertrain for boats
First Wave X 5kW electric powertrain from Green Waves for smaller commercial and leisure vessels.
Decent work and economic growth

8. Decent work and economic growth

About the goal

By eliminating noise and fumes, Green Waves improves working conditions for crew members.

Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

About the goal

Green Waves eliminates noise and fumes from commercial and leisure boating.

Life below water

14. Life below water

About the goal

Green Waves reduces boating pollution that can negatively impact marine life.

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