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Honeymooring® halves the cost of mooring floating wind farms

Honeymooring® is a game-changing improvement on mooring for floating offshore wind turbines. “Our solution represents a giant leap forward. We dramatically reduce the cost of floating offshore wind and stop seabed damage,” says Per Sørum, SVP of Business Development at Semar.

Honeymooring® is a game-changing improvement on mooring for floating offshore wind turbines.

In 2018, more than 400 offshore wind turbines were installed in Europe, taking the total number of turbines above 4 500. Offshore wind capacity in Europe is at over 18 000 megawatts, enough to power between 3 and 6 million households.

With the growth of offshore wind, however, higher demands are being put on service providers. The providers have to develop new technology to keep up with the pace of installation, in order to maintain and service all the wind farms in a safe and efficient manner.

Green, autonomous gateway

Uptime has delivered gangways to offshore industries for several decades. The company’s latest development is an intelligent and autonomous gangway which makes servicing wind farms easier than ever before.

The new Uptime gangway is 30 metres long and allows offshore service personnel to “walk to work”, from shore to ship to service location on wind turbines or platforms. It is motion compensated, ensuring safe passage for all personnel.

An operator onboard the ship’s bridge controls the gangway. The intelligent landing function means that the gangway easily learns how to dock onto new locations, without the need for manual handling.

Uptime’s gangway can be installed on any type of offshore vessel. The gangway is powered by electricity, making it emission-free in operation. It also has a crane function, making it possible to operate the gangway as an offshore crane for lifting up to 4 metric tons.

Uptime also delivers other gangways, ranging from 6 to 57 metres long.

Honeymooring® is an eco-friendly, cost-effective mooring system for floating wind turbines

Concrete benefits

Uptime’s intelligent gangway makes it easier to service offshore wind farms. The autonomous landing function reduces risk by eliminating human error as a factor in transporting service personnel to offshore installations.

Market potential

Uptime has supplied hundreds of gangways and helidecks to offshore industries since 1979. The majority of its market is in the oil and gas sector, but since 2012 it has delivered dozens of gangways to offshore wind projects.

With the continued expansion of offshore wind in Europe and across the world, the market for safe, efficient and intelligent service technology will only grow.

Affordable and clean energy

7. Affordable and clean energy

About the goal

Honeymooring® will reduce the cost of floating wind production, increasing competitiveness.

Decent work and economic growth

8. Decent work and economic growth

About the goal

Honeymooring® will improve HSE in floating wind by eliminating heavy chains.

Life below water

14. Life below water

About the goal

Honeymooring® will prevent seabed erosion.

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