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DP-IoT delivers multipurpose IoT sensor and edge controller

Published 7 Jul 2022 (updated 29 Apr 2024) · 2 min read
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  • IoT sensor and edge controller for green solutions
  • Multipurpose unit with global tracking and edge computing capabilities
  • Makes green solutions smarter through better management of assets and processes

Operational technology from DP-IoT helps companies to quickly deploy and manage their assets and processes to achieve more sustainable solutions.

Greentech solutions often rely on IoT sensors to collect important data for good decision-making. However, using IoT to globally manage solutions can be difficult, complex and costly. Most IoT sensors currently depend on older technology, while new and emerging technologies such as LTE, 5G and narrowband global networks, and long-range Bluetooth BLE5 are underutilised. This limits the potential scope and flexibility of many green solutions.

Multipurpose IoT sensor and edge controller for managing green solutions

Intrack from DP-IoT is an IoT sensor and controller for all types of greentech solutions. The off-the-shelf, multipurpose IoT unit can be used to monitor and control industrial equipment, assets, processes and events.

Intrack has global tracking and edge computing capabilities and consists of four main components that can be used separately or together: an asset tracker, a BLE gateway, a BLE mesh sensor, and a BLE beacon.

Intrack can be used as an asset tracker outdoors using GPS/GNSS and indoors using BLE beacon positioning. It can detect movement, temperature and humidity, and connects to other wired or wireless sensors through BLE5. It can also act as a BLE5 gateway connector. In addition, Intrack has several different battery and power options.

A powerful set of built-in algorithms computes the sensor data locally (edge computing), minimising data transfers and increasing security and battery life. Moreover, Intrack has achieved a BLE radio range of 500 metres without an external antenna.

Intrack revision 6 is available with external antennas for BLE, LTE and GPS.
Intrack revision 6 is available with external antennas for BLE, LTE and GPS.

Intrack reduces power consumption

Intrack can be rapidly configured and deployed in applications and solutions. The new LTE/NB-IoT narrowband increases range, also underground, and reduces costs compared with soon-obsolete 2G and 3G technologies. Intrack utilises a very lightweight UDP protocol that greatly reduces its power consumption, with optional data encryption. Intrack can be remotely controlled using an API tailored to the specific application.

Intrack can be used with a range of sensors. Intrack is sold as a standalone product with a subscription that includes forwarding data to endpoints, or as part of the DP-IoT ecosystem.

DP-IoT BLE mesh sensor
DP-IoT BLE mesh sensor can be delivered with 10 different inertial and environmental sensor combinations.

IoT market is taking off

The overall IoT market is expected to reach some USD 1.1 billion by 2026. In addition, the asset tracking market was valued at around USD 17 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach roughly USD 34 billion by 2026.

DP-IoT’s products are offered as a B2B, white label concept.

Intrack tracker
Intrack tracker, standard incapsulation with 2 x 3 800 mA batteries.

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