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About the Norwegian offshore wind industry

For decades, Norway has successfully pioneered offshore solutions in some of the most demanding conditions in the world. In the transition to renewables, Norway is playing a leading role in the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

published 25 October 2023

Yellow active heave compensators in front of an orange crane

Norway driving the offshore wind revolution

Norway has it all when it comes to offshore wind: decades of offshore sector experience, a complete supply chain, and world-class technology and digital solutions.

This has enabled Norway to achieve milestones, such as construction of the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm.

Norwegian innovations across the supply chain prioritise sustainability – from green port infrastructure and hydrogen-powered service vessels to subsea inspection robots and an IoT “seatbelt” for workers.

Offshore wind surging worldwide

Offshore wind power has the potential to exceed the world’s total electricity demand by 2040. This puts the global power sector on track for full decarbonisation. Here are some promising figures:

In addition, offshore wind provides a path to meeting global climate, air quality and universal energy access goals.

Giant spools of offshore wind power cables.

Norway offers a complete value chain for offshore wind

Development and presurvey

Norway is home to experts in engineering and seabed mapping and is at the forefront of R&D and digitalisation

Balance of plant

Norway has world-class know-how in construction of offshore structures and power distribution, making it an excellent partner for larger and more complex projects involving cables, seabed and stability analyses, and more.


Norway is a leading innovator in marine vessels and all types of equipment for both bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind.

Operation and maintenance

Norway is a leader in digitalisation, using digital twins before the concept even existed. Norway also has world-leading expertise in HSE from decades of offshore experience.

Lifetime extension and decommissioning

Norway has long been at the forefront of lifetime extension thanks to its expertise in system integration and digital systems.